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Leadership in South Sudan’s hour of need

William Bain  |  14 January 2014

Today parliament debated the worsening humanitarian situation in the world’s newest and one of its poorest states – South Sudan. Political instability, and internal conflict within the governing Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, has spiralled into the fracturing of the country’s armed forces, battles in seven of the 10 states of South Sudan, and the killing …

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Labour’s future in the world

Sam Hardy and James Denselow  |  15 December 2011

Labour has the chance to restate its case as the internationalist party By Sam Hardy and James Denselow When we began our work examining the future of Labour’s foreign policy in the early spring of this year, we could not have imagined that, with a UK government in place that seemed more interested in trade …

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The future of Sudan and South Sudan

William Bain  |  7 December 2011

Future of Sudan and South Sudan is a test of leadership for the international community. Almost six months since becoming the world’s newest state, South Sudan faces enormous challenges in terms of its security, humanitarian provision and economic growth. Having been recently admitted to Unesco, Save the Children reported that the country has the world’s …

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