50p tax rate

The 50p question

Maya Goodfellow and Victoria Groulef  |  1 July 2015

Maya Goodfellow and Victoria Groulef on whether Labour should retain its 50p tax rate policy  

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‘I’m not going to let them off the hook’

Adam Harrison and Robert Philpot  |  18 February 2014

As he prepares to respond to next month’s budget, Ed Balls is in a fighting mood, find Robert Philpot and Adam Harrison Shortly after Christmas Ed Balls gave an interview with the New Statesman which held out the prospect of a period of détente between the shadow chancellor and Nick Clegg. He described a ‘very …

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Tax entrenched capital

Jolyon Maugham  |  13 February 2014

We ask a lot of our tax system. Not merely – merely! – that it fund all that government does. But also that it encourage socially or economically desirable behaviours and aid income redistribution. It has to do this efficiently, in a manner mindful of the UK’s need for investment and which is fair. Such …

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Labour’s 1992 shadow budget revisited?

Tom Bewick  |  28 January 2014

Like every ordinary Labour party member, I am working towards the election of a majority Labour government in 2015. And like most responsible citizens, I would like to see the fiscal deficit brought down and a tax system where everyone ‘pays their fair share’. There can be nothing fair about today’s taxpayers or our grandchildren …

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50p doesn’t let us off the hook on spending

Jacqui Smith  |  27 January 2014

High rate taxpayers flocking to the front of today’s papers to criticise the 50p tax rate proposal are partial and disingenuous at best in their analysis. Corporate tax rates, confidence in growth prospects and the cost of and access to investment are surely more important to jobs and further growth than the personal tax of …

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A messy skirmish

Ben Garratt  |  19 June 2013

It has been commented that, in recent weeks, with Labour’s poll ratings stagnating or falling, and the Tories’ own ratings remaining stubbornly low, a mood of despondency has taken hold in the House of Commons. That certainly seemed the case today, with David Cameron offering up spiteful attacks against Ed Miliband and the party, and …

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Not dead yet

Steve Van Riel  |  29 June 2012

Reports of the death of the Tory party are exaggerated, writes Steve Van Riel Last month, a poll by ComRes found that 52 per cent of the public agreed with the idea that ‘the Conservative party is unlikely to win the next election.’ For Labour supporters, that number stood at 74 per cent. Meanwhile, an …

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Crowd on the Underground

‘We are who you are’

Stephen Bush  |  15 May 2012

‘Mia san mia’ – we are who we are – is the unofficial motto of Germany’s most successful football club, Bayern Munich. It has come to symbolise the Bavarian team’s ability to win through no matter what, a self-congratulatory creed that emphasises the club’s credentials as one of the world’s biggest. While to opponents ‘mia …

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Stop Boris to stop the Tories

Omar Salem  |  2 May 2012

On practically every major policy Boris Johnson is joined at the hip with David Cameron and George Osborne. That is why Thursday’s London mayoral election is so important. It is a chance for Londoners to deliver a verdict not just on Boris’ record as mayor, but on the direction in which the government is taking …

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The grannies versus the grandees

Kitty Ussher  |  28 March 2012

George Osborne got the politics of the budget all wrong but Labour has yet to win back the public’s trust When the outgoing Labour government decided to introduce the 50p income tax band it was a thinly disguised political trap for the Tories. The idea was to tempt them into outrage, putting them at odds …

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