The Mossbourne model

Philip Glanville  |  6 December 2016

It is the top 20 per cent of kids that make Hackney’s schools truly comprehensive – and successful Over the summer, Hackney Labour party started our own campaign against grammar schools and other Tory attacks on schools, which we continued into the ‘Education, Not Segregation’ campaign. The response from local parents, unions and residents could not have been clearer: …

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Education matters

Rachael Saunders  |  25 October 2016

Tower Hamlets achieved huge education success using tactics that might be a tiny bit heretical to some Progress members – our success was driven by collaboration, not competition. Without academies. The path we are carving now makes it clear that Labour can make a difference to education locally under a Tory government. National policy should …

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Transforming education in the 21st century

Dan Moloney  |  13 October 2016

Last week I set out why I believe the Tories do not understand children, parents or how to create an educational meritocracy. That was the easy part. If there is one thing the Labour party has been set about doing over the past 12 months, it is opposing government policy. It has been much more hesitant …

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Education obsessives

Mark Rusling  |  3 August 2016

Political parties, like people, have obsessions. They might be idiosyncratic or mainstream; based on evidence or a hunch; serious or minor. But, like an unreachable itch, all these obsessions demand to be scratched periodically and, in education policy, Tories are riven by itches. One of their most intractable obsessions is the grammar school. In 1998, …

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We need space for new ideas on schools

Frazer Loveman  |  20 April 2016

Ever since last month’s budget, criticism of the Tories’ plans to force all schools to become academies has been unrelenting, with a wide and sometimes unlikely array of forces coming together to oppose the plans, from Labour critics and trade unions to Conservative councillors. The Labour party’s response that suggested the entire scheme could put …

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Standards, not standardise

Mark Rusling  |  7 April 2016

Big changes are not always wrong – but they require big justifications. England has never had a national school system. This government is proposing to create one for the first time, mandating that all 25,000 English schools will become academies by 2022, and that they will join multi-academy trusts. This is not just a big …

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We must devolve to tackle the Tories’ school places crisis

Lucy Powell MP  |  29 February 2016

As offers for secondary school places go out in the post today, parents of 10- and 11-year-olds will be bracing themselves. They will be hoping they will not be like one of the 84,000 families that did not get their preferred choice secondary school last year – a figure that could well rise again this …

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‘We’ve lacked emotional connection’

Adam Harrison and Richard Angell  |  29 June 2015

The question for Labour is who is best placed to win in 2020, says Andy Burnham As someone who held positions as a special adviser, a minister and a secretary of state in the last Labour government it might be tempting for Andy Burnham to distance himself from New Labour’s record – for example, by …

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Identity, power and pride – not just prosperity

Tristram Hunt MP  |  24 June 2015

Following our crushing defeat there can be few now who doubt that anti-politics, apathy and the rising tide of populism hurt the Labour party more than our opponents. Scotland is clearly a unique and special case but even there it still possible to view our capitulation alongside the erosion of sentimental and electoral loyalty in …

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Almost ‘dead cat on the table’ territory

Matthew Hood  |  23 June 2015

The secretary of state has published her new draft education bill. As Tristram Hunt pulls together the team of MPs who will be working on it, it is essential that we provide a smart opposition to this slim yet crafty document. Before we get into the blows we should be landing, let’s be crystal-clear about …

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