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The chancellor’s reality deficit

Sally Keeble  |  23 November 2016

Philip Hammond’s autumn statement reinforced the position of Theresa May’s as a traditional Tory government – right eye on the business community, left eye on key voters, and everyone else falls through the gap in the middle. There were some welcome measures, especially investment to improve the broadband network and some limited benefit giveaways. There …

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A London for the many

Danny Thorpe  |  17 August 2016

The housing crisis looms large in Greenwich, as it does the rest of London. Unsurprisingly, our most recent residents’ survey highlighted the provision of affordable, decent housing as a priority for many of our residents – people who are new to the borough and people who have lived here for years who wish that their …

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Beyond crisis

Steve Bullock  |  25 July 2016

Local Labour’s imagination and tenacity on housing must continue, writes Steve Bullock It is now a given that London has a ‘housing crisis’ – no one disputes this, and perhaps as a result too few people respond with enough urgency. In fact the situation is beyond crisis – London faces a full-blown housing emergency with 50,000 families in some sort …

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The Housing Act – bad for all Londoners

Jas Athwal  |  20 May 2016

This week marked further disaster for London’s housing crisis. London boroughs, like the council I lead in Redbridge on London’s eastern outer edge, already, sadly, have one of the lowest levels of housing stock in London, a sad but familiar remnant of many years of Tory rule here. Thanks to the Housing and Planning Act, …

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If it’s broke, fix it

Adam Harrison  |  30 March 2016

Adam Harrison with the latest from the wonk world Plenty about the way public services
 are currently run could be fixed, even if everything is not totally broken. Scottish Labour under leader Kezia Dugdale turned heads once more last month by pledging 
to abolish council tax – possibly the most unpopular tax ever. It was …

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High aspirations for housing

Sheila Gilmore  |  21 January 2016

Jeremy Corbyn was right to attack David Cameron on his barely thought through housing announcement. Cameron was right to say that many high rise estates need to be replaced, but we need to challenge the prime minister on his throwaway comment that these estates were built by the post war Labour government before this too …

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Cameron has much to learn on housing

Peter John  |  14 January 2016

This week David Cameron committed the government to the regeneration and improvement of 100 of the country’s most run-down council estates. From a commitment to demolish and rebuild some of the very worst estates to more modest environmental improvements on others, Cameron’s programme takes the government into an area which some Labour councils have been …

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Think the housing crisis can’t get worse? Think again

Matthew Bennett  |  11 November 2015

In Lambeth, where I am a councillor, we have over 21,000 people on our waiting list. The average waiting time for a family home for people in high priority is around five to eight years. Private rents have soared and being evicted from a private tenancy is now the number one cause of homelessness in …

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The government is destroying London’s social homes

Judith Blakeman  |  23 September 2015

A one-bedroom former council flat in Kensington and Chelsea is for sale at £355,000. A two-bedroom flat in a Fulham Road council block was bought recently for £1m. Eventually, almost every vacant council dwelling in this borough will have to be sold to pay for the government’s proposed extension of the right to buy to …

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A little less theatre

Sally Gimson  |  16 September 2015

Prime ministers questions was certainly different today. And the prime minister was reminded on at least one occasion that he was confronting a new kind of politics. The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn succeeded where others have failed and changed the tone. It was less adversarial PMQs and more BBC question time. Corbyn set the pace …

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