Alistair Darling

Budget 2017: 20 Tory failures

Alison McGovern MP  |  8 March 2017

From abandoning their deficit targets to slashing funding for education, it is clear the Tories are failing on their own terms, argues Progress chair Alison McGovern MP Debt The Tories have delayed their target on debt three times since 2010 Background: Their original target (2011) was to have debt falling by 2015-16. Then in 2014 that was …

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Hammond must face the future

Richard Angell  |  22 November 2016

Tomorrow is the autumn statement. It is the first economic intervention by the new chancellor since Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. But this is not the statement of a new government. This is the sixth year of this Tory government. What is unclear is if it is George Osborne’s apprentice or outrider that will …

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Tory Leavers have repudiated their own economic policy

Stephen Beer  |  16 June 2016

George Osborne and Alistair Darling have stated that if the United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union, there will need to be an emergency budget. Not surprisingly, their claim has been criticised by the Leave campaign, but the central point is surely correct whether or not we are adherents to the austerity cult. The …

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Labour must learn ‘the country comes first’

Noah Sin  |  21 July 2015

The Labour party leadership contest is a hot mess. What began as a promising debate about the future has now become a political middle that Labour has always been prone to in its century-long history. As the Tories capitalise on their famous victory with ‘tanks on Labour’s lawn’, these are desperate times for the Labour …

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Coming down the track

The Insider  |  4 November 2014

Scottish or not, it was easy to distinguish Labour members of parliament returning to Westminster from rays of sunshine. A conference kindest described as definitely not triumphal, underwhelming polls and a close-run thing in Heywood and Middleton cast a pall over the new parliamentary term. Auguries of hard times were easy to find. As predicted …

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A little more conversation, a little less shouting please

Kirsty O'Brien  |  26 August 2014

There is a saying in Glasgow that is pretty useful for ensuring someone worth listening to can be heard. A cry of ‘one singer, one song’ will come up from a crowd, mainly when people start singing along with a solo, but also when someone is talking and a clamour of voices threatens to drown …

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Everything will change, but everything will stay the same

John McTernan  |  8 August 2014

‘You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.’ Abraham Lincoln, via Bob Dylan for most of us, was right – as Alex Salmond found out this week when he debated Alistair …

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Darling exceeds expectations

Duncan Hothersall  |  6 August 2014

The build-up to last night’s STV debate on Scottish independence, like the rest of the referendum campaign, seemed to last forever. The briefing and counter-briefing started weeks before, and even the process of agreeing a date was bruising. But one thing was widely accepted – Alex Salmond, Scotland’s greatest living debater, would enter as the …

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How New Labour built one nation

Giles Radice  |  18 July 2014

Labour needs to remember its considerable achievements in power, believes Giles Radice When on the morning of 12 May 1994 the tragic news broke of John Smith’s death, it became almost immediately obvious that the charismatic shadow home secretary, Tony Blair, then only 41, would become his successor. Under Blair’s leadership, the Labour party went …

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Repeat after me

Steve Van Riel  |  4 November 2013

Will a touch of populism bring either party victory in 2015? The mood of the Conservative party changes quickly. Last Christmas, Paul Goodman, editor of ConservativeHome and a former frontbencher, predicted that ‘David Cameron will not win an overall majority’, citing his failure to gain new voters or change constituency boundaries in time for 2015. …

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