Andrew Adonis

Put passengers first: a new plan for London’s buses

Andrew Adonis  |  11 March 2014

A week’s immersion on London’s buses – 104 routes in five days last month – increased even further my admiration for bus drivers and the success of the Oyster card. But there are big improvements to be made. First, Londoners need flexible bus fares. For many, particularly the low paid and parents dropping off their …

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‘Skills, skills, skills’

Jon Wheale  |  20 February 2014

‘Skills’ – I’m glad that was the first word Liam Byrne said at the Business Breakfast recently held in Burton at the National Brewery Centre and hosted by Progress. The event was attended by a number of local businesspeople from both small and larger companies. Skills and ensuring that businesses are able to recruit workers …

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Apprenticeships at heart of Labour’s growth plan

Andrew Adonis  |  30 January 2014

Despite the UK having near-record levels of youth unemployment, many of our best small businesses are held back by major skills shortages in key growth sectors. Tackling this mismatch, with an expansion of modern apprenticeships, needs to be at the heart of Labour’s growth plan if we are to allow our growth sectors to compete …

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Learning from the universal credit shambles

Jacqui Smith  |  10 December 2013

However Iain Duncan Smith spins it, it seems clear that universal credit is a policy in trouble. What should future Labour ministers learn from this experience? IDS won some respect for thinking deeply about welfare reform while still in opposition. He set up the Centre for Social Justice which produced interesting ideas on early years …

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Winning a mandate for London

Stephen Bush  |  26 November 2013

When is a hustings not a hustings? Well, when the only declared candidate for the office in question – the Labour nomination for mayor of London – hasn’t been invited, and the matter at hand is an entirely different election. That said, while Progress’ latest event in the Campaign for a Labour Majority series wasn’t …

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Campaign for a Labour Majority: How can we win a mandate from London in 2015?

Progress  |  21 November 2013

Monday 25 November, 6-7.30pm Grand Committee Room (off Westminster Hall), Houses of Parliament, London SW1A 0AA Diane Abbott MP Former shadow minister for public health and member of parliament for Hackney North and Stoke Newington Andrew Adonis Member of the House of Lords Tessa Jowell MP Former minister for the Cabinet Office, and member of …

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One Nation recovery across the regions

Anna Turley MP  |  22 September 2013

As we head to the south coast for conference in Brighton, Labour knows that it has to speak for the every part of the nation when it sets out a vision for growth post-2015. The coalition has failed to deliver a balanced and equitable recovery, and parts of London and the south-east are pulling away, …

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Full steam ahead

Andrew Adonis  |  27 August 2013

Labour must continue to back High Speed Two. The case for High Speed Two is as strong now as when Labour committed itself to the project in March 2010. The key justification is not speed but capacity. There will be an acute shortage of transport capacity from the 2020s to convey freight, commuters and other …

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Academy rewards

Adam Harrison  |  26 June 2013

Following a major speech last month, Stephen Twigg outlines his vision for Britain’s schools to Adam Harrison It is the week when Labour’s shadow education secretary, Stephen Twigg, delivered a crucial speech on his plans for schools under a Labour government, coming less than a fortnight after Ed Miliband and Ed Balls set out the …

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What I learned at the People’s Assembly

Stephen Bush  |  25 June 2013

The People’s Assembly was an event for people who think that listing things you do not like in increasingly emotive terms will lead inevitably to the triumph of the things you do like. The day opened with a worthless plenary, but opening plenaries are always worthless unless there is a free breakfast or Andrew Adonis …

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