Andrew Adonis

Prime time

Andrew Adonis  |  27 September 2011

In the future, the public could be given a say in selecting Labour leaders. Ed Miliband is reportedly considering proposals to extend participation in leadership elections beyond party members and the unions, granting voting rights to the wider electorate. Miliband has also previously stated his support for the use of primaries in selecting parliamentary candidates, …

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Fast forward

Andrew Adonis  |  24 September 2011

We must not oppose high-speed rail for opposition’s sake. HS2 is Labour’s scheme High Speed Two is Labour’s scheme in origin and conception. Our battle with the Tories should not be on the existing HS2 proposal, but on taking the line right through from London to Manchester and Leeds as a single project rather than …

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Labour modernisers call for fresh policies in The Purple Book

Progress  |  15 September 2011

A universal childcare service, new rights for victims of crime and parents with children in failing schools, directly elected mayors for England’s big cities, and ‘Hasbos’ to tackle antisocial neighbours are among the proposals set out by a group of Labour modernisers in a new collection of essays published today. The authors of The Purple …

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Thinktanks and all that

Adam Harrison  |  2 May 2011

Just as Labour continues to wonder who its own next general secretary will be, a cloud of uncertainty has descended over the Fabian Society following general secretary Sunder Katwala's announcement that he is soon to exit the building.

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Win, lose or draw for Labour

Jonathan Todd  |  17 March 2011

In two separate sessions at the Progress political weekend Douglas Alexander and Jim Murphy both said that Labour needs a draw on the deficit and a win on growth. Spooky. It was almost like they were singing from the same hymn sheet.

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Manchester needs HS2

Kevin Peel  |  22 February 2011

One hundred and eighty years ago, Manchester led the way with the world's first modern passenger railway. Today, Manchester should be at the heart of the development of a high speed rail network in the UK.

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Not if, but when

Andrew Adonis  |  18 February 2011

Labour's policy review needs to reaffirm its commitment to high-speed rail, ensuring a green alternative to more roads and flights, says Andrew Adonis

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Labour must be a more vocal opposition

Murray Rowlands  |  9 June 2010

In education, wholescale academisation will harm many schools, and past experience of schools run by companies is worrying. Labour must speak out.

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