Andy Burnham

10 podcasts progressives should not miss

Richard Angell  |  20 December 2017

Richard Angell picks his favourite podcast episodes from 2017 Following Labour party conference 2017 Progress launched its own podcast, Progressive Britain. It is the brainchild of Alison McGovern – our amazing chair – and hosted by my colleague Conor Pope. It is partly based on the model of my favourite podcast – Homo Sapiens by …

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Crowdsourcing cities

Richard Angell  |  11 December 2017

Devolution and leadership could be the key to Britain’s digital future – Richard Angell visits Andy Burnham’s digital summit in Manchester Last week, Andy Burnham opened his second ‘digital summit’ since being elected Greater Manchester mayor in May with a bold vision to make Manchester the United Kingdom’s ‘leading digital city, and top five in …

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A mayoral-led devolution revolution

Luke Raikes  |  15 March 2017

Andy Burnham’s manifesto launch was a glimpse into the potentially transformative role England’s new metro mayors could play, writes Luke Raikes Today, the race to govern Greater Manchester moved up a gear. Andy Burnham has just published his manifesto, in his campaign to be mayor of our de facto second city. He will soon be followed by …

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Owning the northern powerhouse

Alexander Adranghi  |  16 December 2016

The northern powerhouse is one among the latest wave of political narratives attempting to spark the imagination of the electorate. Other than ‘austerity’, no narrative has as successfully captured the public mood since the days of New Labour. This aspiration can become a substantial rallying call for the long-neglected residents of the north – one around …

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Respect the man date

The Insider  |  25 August 2016

Labour remains a long way from power nationally but next year should hopefully bring a group of new city leaders. What a shame, then, that each one will be male.   For a long time Labour has preached more than practised the idea of equality in who it selects to represent the party. This columnist shares very little of …

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Cold water time

The Insider  |  8 June 2016

Jon Cruddas’ long-awaited independent inquiry into why Labour lost last year’s general election, released last month, was a rerun of the slow-motion car crash your insider, and, no doubt readers at home, bore horrified witness to after 2010. As a bucket of cold water to snap the old believers out of their earlier faith in …

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Mayoral politics revitalise Labour’s centre-left

Alexander Adranghi  |  23 May 2016

Alexander Adranghi reviews Andy Burnham’s launch to become Labour’s candidate for mayor of Greater Manchester Last week Andy Burnham launched his bid to become the Labour candidate for the Greater Manchester mayoralty. The choice of venue was the spectacular Compass room at the Lowry Theatre, surrounded by icons of the modern Manchester that chimed with his …

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Don’t buy into the myths surrounding Prevent

Gray Sergeant  |  20 April 2016

Gray Sergeant responds to Andy Burnham’s comments on Prevent in the shadow home secretary’s interview with Progress this month Dealing with the threat posed by homegrown violent extremism remains one of the greatest challenges facing politicians in the United Kingdom today, and Labour must commit to a robust counter-extremism strategy. It needs to challenge misunderstandings …

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‘Loyal is my brand’

Adam Harrison and Richard Angell  |  11 April 2016

Crime should rise back up the Labour party’s agenda, Andy Burnham tells Richard Angell and Adam Harrison Andy Burnham has just emerged from a meeting at a mosque in Newport, south Wales, when we catch up with him. He has been out on the stump in support of Labour’s police and crime commissioner candidates. But the …

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Labour’s missing project

Editorial  |  9 December 2015

You cannot lead a social democratic party without an economic project. Respect them as we do, none of the ‘Anyone But Corbyn’ candidates had one. Each had economic policy but no project. Andy Burnham’s attempt to be pro-business spurred his hard-left supporters to put Jeremy Corbyn on the ballot paper; Yvette Cooper had good ideas …

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