Andy Coulson

Hiding behind Leveson

Michael Davies  |  25 June 2014

There really was no question what the topic of discussion would be at this week’s PMQs following yesterday’s only half shocking verdict in the drawn out phone hacking trial. Andy Coulson’s guilty verdict was never going to bring the axe down on the prime minister but it has left his judgement open to question. Before …

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At Power’s Elbow

Matthew Doyle  |  6 January 2014

Rows about spin, concerns about the centralising of decision-making and over powerful aides. Not a new book about Downing Street today but rather a detailed new volume that shows these rows are as old as the post of prime minister itself. Indeed, within the first chapter is the first account of ‘an increasingly sophisticated public-relations …

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Feeling hot hot hot …

Pearleen Sangha  |  17 July 2013

Well if you didn’t know it was summer, the Lib Dems’ array of horrendous cream suits and sunshine-yellow ties are a clear indicator that they are excited to get their summer recess under way. With temperatures and decibels ever-rising, it was as if Ed Miliband and the prime minister turned up to a street brawl …

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Anything can happen

Peter Watt  |  29 November 2012

A midterm review suggests the government is doing its best to lose the next election, but is Labour doing enough to win it? On 6 May 2010 the people of the United Kingdom went to the polls. 10.7 million people voted Conservative, 8.7 million voted Labour and 6.8 million voted Liberal Democrat. Crucially, despite their …

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Leveson’s heavyweight line-up

David Talbot  |  11 June 2012

The press is awash with reports this morning that the Camerons accidentally left their eight-year-old daughter in a Buckinghamshire pub. The story could be somewhat more embarrassing for the prime minister, coming on the same day as the government relaunches its £450m troubled families programme. Presumably social services won’t conclude there is a ‘problem family’ …

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Phone hacking back on the agenda

Angela Eagle MP  |  16 March 2012

This week at the Leveson inquiry we learnt further details about how the deputy mayor for policing in London put pressure on the Metropolitan Police to drop their investigation into phone hacking. The Met say they had to remind him that the police are operationally independent of politicians and that operational decisions are taken by …

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A cruel caricature of Ed

Alex White  |  18 January 2012

There are many things which – unjustifiably – are at their highest levels since the last Conservative government. For example, unemployment, including youth unemployment strikes at the heart of British society. Something else which strikes at the heart of our society – if we let it – is despair, confusion and infighting in the Labour …

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Show a bit of humility, eh?

Olivia Bailey  |  19 October 2011

An angry David Cameron looks a little like a small (yet sinister) dragon who has never developed the ability to breathe fire, but tries all the same – in front of all his friends. And then just gets angrier and angrier because everyone laughs at him. And we saw plenty of angry Dave today. It …

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A bad week for Cameron

David Green  |  26 January 2011

Who won?
Today was a clear win for Ed Miliband, with his most assured performance since taking over the leadership. Ed was on strong (if predictable) territory in taking the prime minister to task for yesterday's dire growth statistics:

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Harman vs Cameron

Teddy Ryan and Samuel Walker  |  17 November 2010

After yesterday's government National Bury Bad News day, Harriet Harman took on the prime minister on the coming cuts to police numbers, while the Labour backbenchers get their chanting voices in tune for Andy Coulson

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