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Corbyn’s fragile grip loosens

Conor Pope  |  13 February 2017

Compared to past reshuffles, Jeremy Corbyn’s latest shows him at his weakest, writes Progress deputy editor Conor Pope This is the fifth shadow cabinet reshuffle since Jeremy Corbyn became leader just 17 months ago, and the first that I have not had to cover as a reporter. It has not been the most eventful of his term …

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Labour needs a campaigning culture change

Jacob Lister  |  24 October 2014

‘You’re all the same!’ or ‘They’re all a bunch of lying, thieving b****rds!’ are phrases I hear every time I go out on the doorstep, and phrases I am sure all Labour party activists have heard before. But they are more than just the words of a bitter angry man or woman, they are a …

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Can Mofaz rejuvenate the peace process?

Alex Bjarnason  |  26 April 2012

Last week I attended a discussion on ‘Ways to reinvigorate the Middle East peace process’ organised by the South-East Asia and Middle East Forum. Israeli senior embassy diplomat Ran Gidor spoke of the impressive progress made by the Palestinians in state-building, and singled out Middle East envoy Tony Blair for special praise. He repeated his …

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The hidden landslide

Joan Ryan MP  |  24 September 2010

Labour did badly in key marginals in May but even worse in seats it lost in 2005. We cannot abandon these places if we are to win next time, says Joan Ryan

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What lies behind Tory housing plans

David Green  |  5 August 2010

Tory plans to end secure tenancy are clearly driven by anti-tenant ideology and political manouevring. But estates are not perfect and Labour must think carefully about a progressive set of policies on renting and ownership.

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