Angela Eagle

Taming the savageness of our politics

Christabel Cooper  |  2 November 2017

The end result of a discourse dominated by online abuse is an environment where political opponents are no longer seen as normal human beings, warns Progress strategy board member Christabel Cooper Britain has thankfully had a relatively short record of violence directed against at political figures. The last sitting member of parliament to be assassinated before the tragic murder of …

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Chaos under Corbyn

Richard Angell  |  31 August 2016

A year in decline under hard-left control September 12 – Jeremy Corbyn wins 59 per cent of the vote in the ballot to become Labour’s new leader. Having secured 251,417 votes he becomes Ed Miliband’s even more leftwing successor. In a rambling speech with no notes, structure or real message, he introduces himself to the country in the worst possible light. 13 – …

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The steel crisis is not a political football but a national emergency

Stephen Kinnock MP  |  14 April 2016

The parliamentary Labour party has raised the steel crisis in parliament 208 times since the general election. From urgent questions to opposition day debates to ministerial questions to PMQs and Westminster Hall, we have deployed every tool in the parliamentary toolbox to hold the government to account. But our parliamentary work is the tip of …

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Tory triple-whammy of defeats on trade union bill

Angela Eagle MP  |  17 March 2016

Fresh from their defeat on Sunday trading last week, the Government last night suffered a humiliating triple whammy of defeats in the House of Lords over their draconian and blatantly partisan trade union bill. First, the government was defeated on its plans to choke off trade union political funds and therefore silence the legitimate democratic voice of …

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The most sustained and partisan attack in a generation

Angela Eagle MP  |  8 February 2016

This week is #heartunions week, and we should use it as an opportunity to celebrate some of the great successes trade unions have had and the exceptional work being done by trade union reps and members in workplaces right across the country. While the Tories often treat trade unions like they are the enemy within, …

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Haters gonna hate

The Insider  |  2 February 2016

It has been a fun few weeks for the Labour party, hasn’t it? Let’s briefly recap. Before Christmas this column identified Tom Watson, Angela Eagle and Hilary Benn as the three most direct threats to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. Entirely unrelatedly, over Christmas the leadership of the party chose to undermine Benn and Maria Eagle, for the …

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Britain cannot afford to be complacent

Angela Eagle MP  |  22 January 2016

As David Cameron arrives at Davos this week for the World Economic Forum he should spend less time rubbing shoulders with celebrities at star-studded parties and give the martinis a miss to focus on another cocktail – what George Osborne has himself suddenly described as the ‘cocktail of threats’ facing Britain. Both Cameron and Osborne …

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Truth or dare

The Insider  |  14 December 2015

Despairing, mutinous, disgusted, shell-shocked, aghast, angry. The adjectives journalists use to describe the mood of Labour members of parliament when it comes to their leader are growing in variety and ferocity. They do not understate the discontent. Two months into the Corbyn era and the mood in the parliamentary Labour party is growing ever bleaker, at …

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‘I want us to be a governing party’

Adam Harrison and Richard Angell  |  9 December 2015

‘No one wants to be called a “predator”’. Angela Eagle talks exclusively to Richard Angell and Adam Harrison The office of the shadow secretary of state for business is no easy place to find. Hidden doors lead to long corridors and spiral staircases as if we have stepped into the magical castle made famous by the Harry …

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The in-out EU hokey-cokey

Angela Eagle MP  |  5 November 2014

I began Business of the House Questions today by paying tribute to all the men and women who have given their lives to protect our country. This year’s Remembrance Sunday is especially poignant as it is the centenary of the start of the Great War. Every week in Wallasey I meet people struggling to feed …

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