animal welfare

An end to puppy farming

Chris Evans MP  |  19 October 2017

The government must act to help local authorities hold irresponsible unlicensed puppy breeders to account, argues Chris Evans MP There are very few moments in life which match the excitement of buying a new puppy. Picking a breed, choosing a name, as well as purchasing all the accessories necessary for a new four-legged friend is …

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Food at heart of economic recovery

Mary Creagh MP  |  23 January 2012

From field to fork, food is at the heart of the economic recovery. In January a ban on the use of battery cages for chickens came into force in Europe. British farmers have spent £400 million to ditch the old cages and ensure that our eggs meet the standards shoppers expect. Yet our industry is …

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Building a greener society – how we can sustain hope

Hilary Benn MP  |  27 January 2010

Progress Lecture by the Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP

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Hunting for the future

Douglas Batchelor  |  27 January 2010

Keeping cruelty history: what's your local candidate's view on hunting?

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Animal rights and the future

Mark Glover  |  19 January 2010

Next steps for animal welfare and why Labour should take them

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This is just the start

Adam Harrison  |  5 January 2010

Oxfam's Phil Bloomer welcomes ‘people power' but argues fundamental change can only take place at European level, as Adam Harrison discovered

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