animal welfare

Food at heart of economic recovery

Mary Creagh MP  |  23 January 2012

From field to fork, food is at the heart of the economic recovery. In January a ban on the use of battery cages for chickens came into force in Europe. British farmers have spent £400 million to ditch the old cages and ensure that our eggs meet the standards shoppers expect. Yet our industry is …

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Building a greener society – how we can sustain hope

Hilary Benn MP  |  27 January 2010

Progress Lecture by the Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP

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Hunting for the future

Douglas Batchelor  |  27 January 2010

Keeping cruelty history: what's your local candidate's view on hunting?

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Animal rights and the future

Mark Glover  |  19 January 2010

Next steps for animal welfare and why Labour should take them

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This is just the start

Adam Harrison  |  5 January 2010

Oxfam's Phil Bloomer welcomes ‘people power' but argues fundamental change can only take place at European level, as Adam Harrison discovered

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