Anthony Eden

Littered with irony

Robert Philpot  |  11 February 2015

Nigel Farage is presiding over the Europeanisation of British politics Political history is littered with ironies. Anthony Eden, who prided himself on his expertise in world affairs, was forced from office by his disastrous intervention in Suez. James Callaghan was renowned for his closeness to the trade unions. He was defeated in May 1979 largely …

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Poll position

Lewis Baston  |  21 September 2013

The new territory of a fixed-term parliament means Labour should hold its nerve as 2015 draws near, writes Lewis Baston In years gone by, the fourth party conference season of a parliament would have been heavy with speculation about the timing of the next election. Even if the parliament ran into a fifth year, all …

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Inside the Tory mind

Tim Bale  |  26 May 2011

One year into government, and Ted Heath still casts a longer shadow over the Tories than outsiders might appreciate. But governing in coalition may yet help Cameron dull the sharper edges of Thatcherism and defeat both Labour and the Liberal Democrats, writes Tim Bale

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