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Why Gosport votes Tory

Ben West  |  21 June 2016

What does the Royal Navy mean to me? Microwave chips and turkey dinosaurs. That is what my six year old brother and I lived on for a lot of the nine months my Dad spent in the south Atlantic while my mum was heavily pregnant with my youngest brother. It means other things too. Birthday …

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A century on it’s time to stop recruiting 16-year-olds

Rich Durber  |  5 August 2014

Yesterday the country marked 100 years since the start of the First World War. This was the latest milestone in a year of reflection on a conflict that changed our world forever and claimed the lives of 16 million people across the world. As Dan Jarvis said in parliament in June the commemorations are an …

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End child enlistment in our armed forces

Alex Cunningham MP  |  22 May 2013

Britain remains one of just 20 countries in the world which still recruits children from the age of 16 into the armed services. Most accept it as simply the ‘way things are’, but I would think many have never really considered what it means to enlist 16 and 17 year olds and if the needs …

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Introducing veterans champions

Hazel Blears  |  3 September 2012

Last year at my constituency surgery I met a former soldier, Neil Blower. He told me about his experiences serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, the terrible scenes he had witnessed when his tank was blown up and his struggle with post traumatic stress disorder since his return home to Salford. As a result of the …

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Making VIPs of our armed forces

Nick Smith MP  |  20 July 2012

I was recently contacted by a grandfather from my constituency. His son is currently serving in Afghanistan and will be returning home later this year. He is scared that when his grandson gets home the only thing waiting for him will be the dole queue. The Ministry of Defence is currently planning to cut the …

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A view from the ramparts

Jordan Newell  |  30 June 2012

Every year, Armed Forces Day reminds me just how important the military community is to my town. Colchester is a proud garrison town, with military traditions stretching back generations. The army community is an important part of the town, with conflict and ceremony equally ingrained in our local life. Whether it’s shopping in Morrison’s or …

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Recognising our armed forces

Nick Smith MP  |  30 June 2012

We all know the importance of the work done by our armed forces. These brave men and women voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way so that we can sleep soundly in our beds. Sent to battlefields across the world at the request of our government, often at short notice, they give up a number of …

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Great expectations

Adam Harrison and Robert Philpot  |  28 February 2012

Elected to parliament a year ago, Progress vice-chair Dan Jarvis is one of Labour’s rising stars. He talks to Robert Philpot and Adam Harrison about his time in Afghanistan and the tough fight ahead for the party It is the day of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens and shadow arts minister …

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Egyptian army jails more than Mubarak

Denis MacShane MP  |  20 December 2011

Just imagine the footage: Israeli soldiers faced with a peaceful protest pull a woman from the crowd, drag her painfully along the ground exposing her breasts, and a brutal soldier stamps his booted foot on her chest. The world would have exploded with anger and rage. There would be demonstrations outside the Israeli embassies of …

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What Labour Friends of the Forces says about Labour

Jim Murphy MP  |  22 November 2011

A new Labour-supporting campaign group has now been launched – Labour Friends of the Forces – which will aim to deliver the policies and ideas of the service community and anyone who supports them. This organisation is an expression of support for the bravery and professionalism of the Forces and the quiet courage of their …

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