A way forward on refugees

Neil Pharaoh  |  29 November 2016

‘We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come’ – a great quote for the alt-right, in an era of Donald Trump and Brexit one could be forgiven into thinking this came from either side of the Atlantic in 2016. But this quote did not, it was given almost …

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Australian democracy under threat

Neil Pharaoh  |  21 October 2016

Over the past four years Australia has seen a continued attack on its core Westminster principles of government, led almost exclusively by the Liberal-National coalition. How should we respond as a progressive movement to these attacks? Should we aim high, or retaliate with the same tactics? What is at stake for representative democracy if civic …

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‘The world’s most expensive opinion poll’

Neil Pharaoh  |  15 September 2016

The Australian Labor party and its leader Bill Shorten look likely to block what is being labeled as the ‘world’s most expensive opinion poll’ on marriage equality in Australia, possibly leading to a further delay in achieving marriage equality in Australia – however Australian Labor is 100 per cent right to block this expensive, divisive …

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Labor on the brink of power

Sam Mannion  |  4 July 2016

It had to be political oblivion for the Australian Labor party leader Bill Shorten when Malcolm Turnbull, who had for years portrayed himself as the Liberals’ once and future king, toppled Tony Abbott to become Australia’s fifth prime minister in five years. The installation of the charismatic and centrist self-made millionaire in September 2015 could …

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Obama, Britain’s friends and the realities of power 

Pat McFadden MP  |  21 April 2016

Out into the world’ was the slogan of the Brexiteers’ predecessors in the 1975 European referendum. In a similar vein, Leave campaigners in this referendum have argued that the United Kingdom’s future lies not in remaining a member of the European Union with our neighbours but instead in looking to the United States and the …

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The king is dead, long live the king

Sam Dastyari  |  23 September 2015

Australia has a new prime minister, again Malcolm Turnbull has long been Tony Abbott’s nemesis. My first contact with both was as a teenager campaigning for Australia to become a republic at the 1999 referendum. Turnbull was leading the Australian Republican Movement, but it was Abbott, born in London and an outspoken Anglophile, who prevailed in the referendum as …

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Common purpose

Tom Bentley  |  10 April 2015

Three things Labour can learn from Australian Labor’s experience of minority government On 21 August 2010 Australia elected 72 representatives each for the Australian Labor party and the Liberal-National coalition. After 17 agonising days of negotiation Julia Gillard formed a government with support from four non-Labor members of parliament: independent country conservatives Tony Windsor and Rob …

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Letter from … Queensland

Sam Dastyari  |  17 March 2015

On the last Saturday in January, the people of Queensland kicked out a conservative government, led by former army officer and lord mayor of Brisbane, Campbell Newman. The result astonished everyone, including the Queensland state Labor party. On the eve of the vote, as I called my friends in the party around the Sunshine State, …

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The clean-up after the spill

Izzy Westbury  |  13 February 2015

If you feel frustration with current British politics, then a glance at Australia may make you feel a little better. Since my recent arrival in Australia, most conversations have started with an apology for the soap opera that many believe has engulfed Australian politics, making their current state of politics a national embarrassment. There have …

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Tony Abbott’s chickens coming home to roost

Ross Haynes  |  4 February 2015

For those of us who keep an eye on politics down under, it was always clear that Tony Abbott was never going to fill Julia Gillard’s shoes. In opposition Abbott was a man who traded in relentless negativity. In government he has being found out. As coalition members of parliament appear determined to force a …

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