Barack Obama

New politics, new France

Felicity Slater  |  19 July 2017

With expectations that surpass those of Tony Blair and Barack Obama, can Emmanuel Macron deliver the change so many believe in, asks Felicity Slater European centre-left has few reasons to be cheerful. The Dutch Labour party was hammered at the polls in March. In Germany, Angela Merkel’s centre-right Christian Democratic Union looks set to gain …

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Trump’s assault on women’s rights

Sally Keeble  |  26 January 2017

Donald Trump’s executive order restricting abortion will have a chilling effect on women’s rights around the globe, argues Sally Keeble For sheer viciousness, Donald Trump’s choice of victim for his presidential bullying takes some beating. Picture a woman in Sierra Leone, pregnant with a child whose birth may threaten her own life and those of her surviving …

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Women pay the price again

Lizzy Dobres  |  24 January 2017

Being unwilling to view Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as anything other than two sides of the same coin has come at a terrible cost, writes Lizzy Dobres Just two days after millions of women and men worldwide campaigned for women’s rights; Donald Trump banned federal funds being used for family planning clinics in one of his …

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Don’t give up on progressive politics

Richard Angell  |  10 November 2016

‘This is your captain speaking. The new president of in the United States is … Donald Trump’. News that the Barack Obama’s successor is the rightwing orange demigod is met with groans on my flight as I head as far away from last night’s new as is humanly possible. The realisation that there is nowhere …

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Letter From … New Hampshire

Charlie Samuda  |  7 November 2016

To get a sense of just how hard it is to be a Republican in a down-ticket race this election, consider the fate of Kelly Ayotte. The junior senator from New Hampshire was first elected in 2010 and is running for a second term against the current Democratic governor, Maggie Hassan. Donald Trump’s nomination presented her with a dilemma: standing too …

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There are many reasons to oppose Trump – but pick one

Charlie Samuda  |  10 June 2016

Now that Bernie Sanders has all but dropped out of the race and with Barack Obama’s endorsement Clinton can turn her full attention to what at first might seem to be a simple question: What exactly is wrong with Donald Trump? It is, many of us would be tempted to conclude, obvious why Trump should …

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Nothing leftwing about leaving

Editorial  |  2 June 2016

The biggest decision facing Britain for a generation comes before voters at the end of the month. The question is simple: ‘Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?’ The only choice is ‘Remain’ or ‘Leave’. There is no third way, no protest vote option, no ‘reopen …

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Bending the arc

Ryan Jackson  |  27 April 2016

As the waves made by Barack Obama’s intervention in the Brexit debate continue to close over the heads of the Out brigade, the American president’s words last weekend bear some closer scrutiny for progressives this side of the Atlantic. As somebody who ‘started as a community organiser’, Barack Obama is no stranger to being on …

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The steel crisis highlights the importance of active government

Liam Martin-Lane  |  25 April 2016

Date: 20 January 2009. Location: Washington, DC. Scenario: America’s first black president has just taken over the reins of an economy that is on the brink of another Great Depression. By the time the day is out, nearly 26,000 jobs will have been lost to the nation. Workers who have contributed so much to helping America’s economy …

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The Last Word: The end of Boris’ end-of-the-pier show

Jamie Reed MP  |  22 April 2016

Boris Johnson has unique political gifts. Fortunately, being unique does not also make these gifts useful, desirable or of particular public value. In truth, Johnson’s most consistent gift has been the gift of ‘getting away with it’. Such a gift has little political value other than to the individual in possession of it. Johnson has …

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