Barack Obama

Hard truths about traditional diplomacy

Tom Cargill  |  22 April 2016

Britain risks casting itself adrift in the face of a gathering international storm of change fuelled by globalisation and technological revolution. Former foreign secretary David Miliband made clear this new truth just a matter of weeks ago, and today the American president reminds us our influence can be so much greater when magnified through through the …

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Obama, Britain’s friends and the realities of power 

Pat McFadden MP  |  21 April 2016

Out into the world’ was the slogan of the Brexiteers’ predecessors in the 1975 European referendum. In a similar vein, Leave campaigners in this referendum have argued that the United Kingdom’s future lies not in remaining a member of the European Union with our neighbours but instead in looking to the United States and the …

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Confirmation bias

Charlie Samuda  |  14 April 2016

If you are looking for a case study of contemporary American politics, forget the campaign trail for a while and take a close look at the fortunes of Merrick Garland. Apparently Garland, Barack Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court, has a resume that ‘makes you want to cry’. In his high-flying 40-year judicial career he …

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The long haul is just starting

Charlie Samuda  |  2 February 2016

The morning after the 2008 Iowa caucus, Hillary Clinton held a painfully awkward conference call with her campaign team. Having just lost badly to Barack Obama in the race for the Democratic nomination she asked each of her advisers what the next step was, only to be greeted with stony silence. Imagine how awkward that …

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Unfinished business

Charlie Samuda  |  12 January 2016

America, usually so familiar, can feel very foreign sometimes. A few days after enrolling at an American university my fellow students and I had to attend an information session euphemistically titled Active Shooter Preparedness. Repetitive for the American students, bewildering for the international ones, the event provided guidance on what to do in the event …

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Punished for pursuing a European future

Jamie Milne  |  16 October 2015

The report by the Dutch Safety Board into the Russian BUK missile that brought down flight MH17 provided a brief revival of interest in Ukraine this week. But for those who know and care about this embattled but optimistic country the trend is clear – the Russian annexation of Crimea and attack on eastern Ukraine …

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Obama Power

Keiran Pedley  |  27 July 2015

Just how did Barack Obama manage to turn things round and win a second term when the political tide seemed to be turning against him? That is the central question of this short and punchy read by Jeffrey Alexander and Bernadette Jaworsky. In just over 100 pages of text that is accessible to the reader …

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Tested to destruction

The Progressive  |  30 March 2015

How to survive the short campaign In John Buchan’s Thirty-Nine Steps, published exactly 100 years ago, the number 39 assumes great mystery. In the book, it is revealed to be the number of steps in a Kent coastal town leading to a shipload of dastardly German spies. In one of the film adaptations, it is the …

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‘The country will be run according to a different idea’

Adam Harrison and Richard Angell  |  6 March 2015

There will be no pie-in-the-sky promises under the next Labour government, Ed Miliband tells Richard Angell and Adam Harrison Entering the leader of the opposition’s now-bare office, his team are quick to point out how the operation has decamped to Brewers Green, the campaign nerve centre. In what is one of Ed Miliband’s last meetings in …

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2016 is already here

Inside Washington  |  15 February 2015

This is the pace of things in DC. One election is barely over, and the next has already begun. It is only three months since the midterms, and the new Republican-dominated Congress has just taken its oath, but all the talk is of 2016. The general election, which will pit the Democrat nominee against their …

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