Barack Obama

Democratic deficit

Kirsty McNeill  |  9 December 2014

There are three lessons Labour should draw from the Democrats’ electoral woes, writes Kirsty McNeill When the 114th Congress meets in January the Republican majority in the House of Representatives will be at its biggest since Clement Attlee was prime minister. The new Senate will be firmly in Republican hands. And even Barack Obama’s Illinois …

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After Obama

Matthew Doyle  |  9 December 2014

Matthew Doyle examines the names in the frame for the next Democratic presidential nomination November’s midterm elections in the United States generated bad headlines for the Democrats because the loss of the Senate means Barack Obama will struggle to get any legislative governing done in his last two years in post, short of wielding his …

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Why did the Republicans win so big in the midterms?

Inside Washington  |  5 November 2014

Yesterday’s midterms gave full control of Congress to the Republicans. The Democrats lost the Senate, where they had held a majority for eight years, and fell even further back in the House. It leaves Barack Obama as something of a lame duck president for his final two years, and makes meaningful legislative change in the …

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The start of a summer of speeches

John McTernan  |  25 July 2014

It’s good to see Ed taking a leaf out of Margaret Thatcher’s book. Going on the intellectual offensive was how – in 1986 – the Tory party turned the tables on Neil Kinnock the first time and overhauled Labour’s poll lead. A barrage of big speeches with big ideas at the Tories’ 1986 conference revived …

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Memo on … foreign affairs

Paul Richards  |  18 July 2014

Congratulations on your appointment as foreign secretary. You join Ernest Bevin, Herbert Morrison, James Callaghan, Tony Crosland, Robin Cook, Jack Straw and David Miliband in the pantheon. As you mount the Grand Staircase, and stroll around the Locarno Suite and Durbar Court, you will find it hard not to be in awe of your new …

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Hard Choices

Matthew Doyle  |  17 July 2014

How do you write a memoir that you want to be both a bestseller and yet not have any political hostages to fortune? ‘Relatively easily’ would seem to be the answer if you are Hillary Rodham Clinton whose new tome, Hard Choices, pulls the curtain back on her time as America’s top diplomat, even if …

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Hammond time

James Denselow  |  17 July 2014

While the departure of Michael Gove may have dominated the headlines and sparked a debate as to the direction of the coalition’s education policy – William Hague’s departure from the Foreign Office and replacement with Philip Hammond has gone largely unnoticed in comparison. Hammond is one of the middle-aged white men to survive what people …

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The challenge for the Israeli peace camp

Toby Greene  |  15 July 2014

The Israeli peace movement had a major relaunch last week. What, you didn’t hear about it? It was a big deal. Slick media campaign led by Haaretz; a couple of thousand delegates in a Tel Aviv hotel; cabinet ministers on the programme; even a message from Barack Obama. I am not making this up. It …

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The US on Independence Day

Inside Washington  |  4 July 2014

It is always strange as a Brit celebrating American Independence Day in the United States when the event they are celebrating is when they kicked the British out of the country. When Americans bring it up I make a few bad jokes about how everyone would be better off if they were still a colony, …

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Home and away

Editorial  |  14 April 2014

There have been few electoral bright spots for the centre-left internationally since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. Social democratic parties in Britain, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Portugal have all gone down to defeat. Unsurprisingly, therefore, Labour has been eager to seek enlightenment from the experiences of those of its sister parties …

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