Regional airports need our vision

Doug James  |  28 October 2016

The overlong and overcharged debate about the airport expansion in the south-east has until recently been conducted with an exclusively London-centric focus, with the arguments for and against expanding the capacity at Heathrow. The government has now opted for Heathrow but there is a long way to go before any construction takes place. It is …

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Triple devolution: a progressive model for city government

Albert Bore  |  24 September 2015

One of the key debates in democratic government over recent decades has been the restoration of the profile given to cities. If not quite on a par with the city states of renaissance Italy, cities are nevertheless clearly recognised for their role in the new global networks. When we talk of cities nowadays we mean …

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Progress West Midlands conference

Stuart Macnaughtan  |  5 September 2015

Progress West Midlands conference 10am-2pm, Saturday 5 September 2015 Aston Students Union, Aston Triangle, Birmingham, B4 7ES 9am: Registration opens 10am: Midlands matters: What should Labour learn from the general election? Keynote: Tristram Hunt MP Shadow secretary of state for education Reply: John Woodcock MP Chair, Progress, and shadow minister for skills Reply: Jess Phillips MP Birmingham Yardley Reply: …

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Housebuilding and a post-recession renaissance

Albert Bore  |  11 March 2015

The issue of the provision of new homes is an important topic of national political debate for the first time since the 1960s. We welcome this debate, because we believe that here in Birmingham we are leading the way in both providing new homes ourselves, but also ensuring delivery through partners in the private housebuilders …

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Passports, schools – and Speedos

Sally Gimson  |  11 June 2014

‘I might have nightmares about the prime minister modelling Speedos on his world tour’, was Labour MP Pamela Nash’s reaction to David Cameron today who was on bumptious form, boasting about his trade trip to China, where he had been pushing said Speedos to the Chinese market. Cameron assured her that Speedos came as shorts …

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Under Pressure: A progressive future for local government

Albert Bore  |  16 May 2014

The recent Local Government Association report Under Pressure highlights the scale of the crisis facing local government in 2015 and beyond, revealing that 60 per cent of councils say they will not be able to cover their budget gap next year without cuts to frontline services. We have reached the point when the cuts are …

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Winning the ‘race to the top’

Andrew Adonis  |  8 April 2014

Falling living standards are partly about the price of essentials, like electricity, gas and public transport rising faster than inflation. It is also about wages rising too slowly, and too many people – especially young people – being without decent jobs. There are four big problems we as a country have got to tackle. First, …

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The new ‘peasants’ revolt’

Gisela Stuart MP  |  8 January 2014

Cities don’t reflect the national economy – they are the national economy. If they perform badly, then rural areas and the rest of country are likely to underperform as well. Cuts to services are rightly grabbing the headlines, but it’s the overall trajectory of the shift of funding from urban to rural which should worry …

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The change we want to see?

Rowan Draper  |  15 February 2013

For the first time in nearly a decade Labour in local government united last weekend to discuss how we can deliver fairness in tough times. There was a palpable buzz around Labour’s local government conference with members, councillors and senior MPs visibly passionate about the future and the challenges we face for our communities. Progress …

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The social care time-bomb

Steve Bedser  |  9 August 2012

So what is the big issue facing local government over the next few years? No, sorry Mr Pickles it’s nothing to do with weekly bin collections or whether people need planning permission to hoist the union flag. Anyone familiar with the real challenges facing local government over the next two decades will know all about …

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