Bob Blizzard

‘Hanging on’ is not enough

Bob Blizzard  |  7 May 2016

How great a pointer to the next general election is provided by midterm council election results? Not much. Only about 30 per cent of voters take part and many are those who follow local matters and are prepared to vote on local issues and for hard-working local candidates. So local campaigning and election organisation can …

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The message and the messenger

Bob Blizzard  |  15 June 2015

May 2015 was the fifth general election I fought as a candidate. I spoke to more voters in this campaign than all the others put together. I shook lots of hands in the ‘blitzing’ sessions of 1997, but that involved little more than ‘thanks for your support’ as the big Blair wave swept me and …

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Ukip puts recapturing Labour seats at risk

Bob Blizzard  |  17 June 2014

One of the biggest surprises of my political life was walking into the count for Waveney’s  2013 county council elections. In the midterm of a Tory government I had expected that Labour would win all eight of the Lowestoft wards, all won by the Tories in the disaster of 2009. But on each counting table …

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Nigel Farage’s Independence day

Lewis Baston  |  7 May 2013

UKIP’s triumph in the local elections did not just damage the Tories The overall results of the local elections of 2013 were towards the middle of the spectrum of expectations. A net gain of 291 seats was not at all bad for Labour, and there are several areas where the party now has a chance …

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Lucky Jim

The Insider  |  3 April 2013

Of all the members of the shadow cabinet, Jim Murphy may be emerging as one of the most interesting. Regarded, unfairly, as a Blairite pur sang, Murphy has adapted to the leadership of Ed Miliband with a mixture of impeccable loyalty and a streak of independent thinking: willing to accept cuts to his department, firm …

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How the East was lost … and how to win again

Bob Blizzard and Lewis Baston  |  1 June 2011

There were two tests for Labour in the East at this year's local elections:
- Would we win control of more councils?
- Would ‘red shoots' emerge by winning seats on councils we could not expect to control?

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