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Britain’s Best
 Political Cartoons 2016

Alex White  |  15 December 2016

Gordon Brown and David Cameron both complained about the way political cartoonists depicted them (they said they were drawn too fat). But after a tumultuous year in British politics, it is Winston Churchill’s take on political cartoons which remains the most sound: the time for politicians to be concerned about cartoons is when they stop …

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Redressing the gender balance

Joyce Gould  |  6 December 2016

There has, until recently, been a dearth of books about Labour’s women parliamentarians. Alice in Westminster, a new book by Labour member of parliament Rachel Reeves, redresses that imbalance and shines a new light on the life story and achievements of her subject. Alice Bacon made her introduction into politics at the age of 16 …

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World Book Day 2016

To mark World Book Day 2016 we asked Karen Buck MP, Mary Creagh MP, Lisa Nandy MP, Angela Smith and Nick Thomas-Symonds MP to write about their favourite book: Memoirs of a Survivor by Doris Lessing Karen Buck MP God, the impossibility of choosing only one book! Bleak House is usually my ‘go to’, for searing social comment, …

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Misunderstanding young Britain threatens our future

Janet Royall  |  10 March 2015

Anybody who cares about the future of our country, whether an entrepreneur, or involved in civil society or politics, should read this well-written, well-researched book. Indeed, it is a wake-up call for politicians both national and local that should be prescribed reading. Young, wise, passionate, brimming with ideas, Georgia Gould has interviewed thousands of young people, identifying …

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Ready for Hillary?

Helen Gibson  |  9 December 2014

In Ready for Hillary? former British ambassador to the United States Robin Renwick provides readers with a clear portrait of the woman potentially poised to make history as the first female president of the US. Renwick covers, briefly, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s upbringing, family background and experience as a student, before moving on to her relationship …

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A History of the Liberal Party since 1900

Atul Hatwal  |  28 May 2013

Adjectives such as ‘comprehensive’, ‘rigorous’ and ‘learned’ are sure to litter reviews of David Dutton’s new history of the Liberal party. It does indeed possess each of these attributes, and more. The book gives a full account of each of the major turning points for the Liberals since 1900. There is a lucid answer to …

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This House

Greg Rosen  |  21 February 2013

Both British political drama and political comedy has struggled to depict politicians as being anything other than fools, as in Yes, Minister and The Thick of It, or villains, as in House of Cards. Where there is an alternative portrayal, as in Chris Mullin’s A Very British Coup, they are a lone voice of honest …

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Nick Clegg: The Biography

Peter Riddell  |  21 September 2011

Nick Clegg is a more formidable politician than his critics allege but a more flawed one than Chris Bowers portrays in this uneven apologia. Clegg has, after all, achieved what his predecessors – notably David Steel and Paddy Ashdown – sought and failed to achieve: taking their party into government. Yet the record in office …

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A Critical Woman

Dianne Hayter  |  8 September 2011

Baroness Wootton of Abinger was the first of the life peers when this breed was created in 1958, heading what became a flow of women into the Lords, though setting a standard to which few of us could aspire. In A Critical Woman by Ann Oakley, we learn that Wootton defined a socialist (like herself) as …

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Defining the vision

Nick Keehan  |  17 December 2009

Nick Keehan is not entirely convinced by Christopher Meyer's account of the importance of the diplomat throughout British history

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