That was the week that Os

Jamie Reed MP  |  20 March 2015

Nothing drives the alienation of the public from the political process more than when the Westminster lobby and the national media conspires to push an agenda that the public does not like, want or accept. Such an agenda was advertised nationally after this week’s budget as George Osborne’s acolytes emerged from their subterranean pain-dungeons to …

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Tories are trying to avoid the argument altogether

Angela Eagle MP  |  12 March 2015

At business questions this week I raised the government’s track record of avoiding scrutiny. On the European arrest warrant, on the Agricultural Wages Board and now on plain packaging of cigarettes, instead of trying to win the argument they just try to avoid having it altogether. Last week, the government rejected our request for a …

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A budget of broken promises

Sam Dastyari  |  3 June 2014

There is nothing newsworthy about politicians breaking promises nowadays. Yet the conservative Australian government led by prime minister Tony Abbott has handed down its first budget since coming to office – and it turns out that this budget of broken promises was big news to the Australian people. Throughout the campaign prior to the last …

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It’s the assets, stupid

Kitty Ussher  |  9 April 2014

How Labour should respond to the budget’s pensions shake-up Labour and the Tories share a perverse incentive to talk down the economy just at the time that economic growth begins to soar. George Osborne and David Cameron, acutely aware that their strongest trait in the eyes of the public is the ability to take tough, …

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The type of swagger a government in waiting needs

Jack Dillon  |  2 April 2014

Ed Miliband’s Labour are dominating the strategic debate within politics but losing key tactical battles. Yet the answer to looking and sounding like a government in waiting at those big times is staring the party’s leadership team in the face. The first lesson of political communications is to have a message everyone can understand and …

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Pensions: the personal freedom dilemma

Edward Davie  |  26 March 2014

Tory budget changes to pensions have left Labour in a quandary about whether to back greater individual freedom or defend a policy that creates a more stable society. This kind of dilemma is nothing new and reading Robert Skidelsky’s biography of John Maynard Keynes I am struck by how little the political tension between individual …

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Posh boys’ den – No 10, bankers’ heaven – No 11

Angela Eagle MP  |  21 March 2014

Business of the House questions was later than usual this morning to allow the House of Commons to pay tribute to Tony Benn who passed away earlier this week. He was a huge figure in the Labour movement who we will never forget. His son Hillary and his long-time friend Dennis Skinner made particularly moving …

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Borrowing ballooning out of control

Stephen Beer  |  21 March 2014

This year’s budget did not do much for the macroeconomic outlook. In that sense, it was in line with expectations. The big picture remains in place – years of spending cuts while hoping economic recovery is sustainable. The chancellor chose to ignore the underlying problems facing the UK economy. George Osborne’s spin on the economy …

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Confidence returns for a fantasy budget

Hopi Sen  |  19 March 2014

You could feel the green shoots emerge on the Tory benches. After four long years of flatlining, of having to sit through fiscal debates with long faces and serious looks, they were newly expansive. Bullish. If they weren’t quite surging, you could feel the sap rising. For the first time since the coalition was formed, …

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Budget liveblog 2014

Sally Keeble  |  19 March 2014

As George Osborne announces his 2014 budget, former member of the Treasury select committee and Labour parliamentary candidate in Northampton North Sally Keeble offers a running commentary. Additional #Budget2014 tweets also selected by the Progress team. Tweet at @ProgressOnline to join the debate. (Updates will display automatically, there is no need to refresh this page) …

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