Osborne has not delivered what he promised

Sally Keeble  |  19 March 2014

‘If the UK economy is doing so well, why do I still feel so hard up?’ is the question George Osborne needs to answer in today’s budget. It’s one that the politics of 14 months before the general election won’t let him answer: he’s not delivered what he promised. Public borrowing will this year be …

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Pickles in a pickle

Angela Eagle MP  |  19 April 2013

I began Business of the House Questions this week by recognising that the funeral of Margaret Thatcher was the end of an era. I rarely agreed with her but she did break the existing political and economic consensus and now I think it’s time do so again. I pointed out the scramble this government is …

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Hidden in the technicalities

Kitty Ussher  |  26 March 2013

The chancellor is probably sighing with relief that, a mere week after the event, his budget does not appear to have unravelled. Indeed, it seems to have ticked all the relevant boxes: a few giveaways to get some headlines paid for by savings achieved through departmental salami-slicing. No very obvious concessions to those arguing that …

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A downgraded budget from a downgraded chancellor

Angela Eagle MP  |  22 March 2013

I began business questions this week by wishing everyone a Happy Easter as this was the last session before recess. I have heard rumours that there are plans afoot to start selling a ‘coalition’ Easter egg so I enjoyed speculating what that might look like. It would have shiny yellow wrapping, but the chocolate would …

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Toxic waste

Sally Keeble  |  21 March 2013

Yesterday’s’s budget needed to provide an economic and political narrative for the voters of middle England who gave David Cameron the benefit of the doubt – with many misgivings – three years ago, and who have tolerated grim times since. Instead, it reinforced the Tories as the party of the rich, pitting the public against …

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Carrying on regardless

Nicola Smith  |  21 March 2013

The facts have changed but George Osborne has failed to change his mind. Our economy is set to grow at less than a quarter of the rate he previously predicted it would and by the time of the next election will likely remain smaller than before the financial crash. The great British economic experiment has …

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Pushing on a piece of string

Jonathan Todd  |  20 March 2013

George Osborne is a mountaineer, scaling Mount General Election 2015. It was all going broadly to plan until budget 2012. Today he sought to recover the ground lost through the missteps, especially the cut to the top rate of income tax, of a year ago. There was no contrition, however. There was little that was …

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In review: Budget 2013

Stephen Beer  |  20 March 2013

George Osborne gave his budget speech having seen his economic credibility eroded over the past year, although he remains in a stronger position than the circumstances suggest he ought to be. Growth was promised as the reward for harsh austerity but it has yet to arrive. The Office for Budget Responsibility has once again revised …

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Not dead yet

Steve Van Riel  |  29 June 2012

Reports of the death of the Tory party are exaggerated, writes Steve Van Riel Last month, a poll by ComRes found that 52 per cent of the public agreed with the idea that ‘the Conservative party is unlikely to win the next election.’ For Labour supporters, that number stood at 74 per cent. Meanwhile, an …

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No more Lib Dem ‘human shield’

Andrew Bettridge  |  30 April 2012

At last year’s local elections the Conservative party was able to hide behind a ‘human shield’ of the Liberal Democrats, I recall one of my Labour councillors telling the local press: ‘Nationally, the Conservatives have run a very good campaign. ‘They’ve used the Lib Dems as a human shield and it’s worked’ he said. This …

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