Tory rate hikes are killing SMEs

Ibrahim Dogus  |  27 February 2017

Philip Hammond’s devastating business rate hikes should put to bed the myth that the Tories are the party of small businesses, argues Ibrahim Dogus The news of catastrophic business rate hikes should put to bed once and for all the myth that the Tory party is somehow a friend to small and medium enterprises. Small and …

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The dignity of full-time work

Chris Carter  |  17 February 2017

Labour must transform Britain’s workforce if it is to effectively tackle the challenges of the 21st century, writes Chris Carter The challenges of an ageing population are enormous. Skills shortages, healthcare pressures, squeezed public services are but some of the consequences. Britain is ageing. Fast. One per cent of those born in 1908 survived a full century …

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Only Labour can save SMEs

Ibrahim Dogus  |  5 January 2017

Labour must defend small and medium-sized businesses from hikes in business rates, argues Ibrahim Dogus Small businesses in London are to be further burdened with a new hike in business rates. This is going to be a massive blow to the capital’s small businesses, compounding the troubles they have faced since Brexit. It is small businesses …

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Not so fantastic, Dr Fox

Mike Katz  |  15 September 2016

Well, it is good to get your excuses in first. Otherwise, what how else could explain what possessed Brexit ultra Liam Fox, that darling of the Thatcherites to alienate the business people he has spent so many years extolling? Fox sparked anger and disbelief at the weekend by claiming that British businesses were too ‘lazy and …

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Head for business

Sarah Hayward  |  9 July 2016

Local government is entering a new world —The Tories have been fundamentally changing the roles and powers of local government since 2010. But perhaps the biggest change is still to come: by 2020 local government will be funded not by grants but by business rates. This could mean dramatic alterations to what councils do and how …

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The smallest minority

Christabel Cooper  |  16 June 2016

Attacking Topshop helps no one Politics remains a world dominated by white men and I am a BAME woman. Yet possibly the very smallest minority within the Labour party that I belong to is that of members who work in the private sector. This was a point I put to Jeremy Corbyn at Progress annual conference last month, …

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Owning the future

Stephen Kinnock MP  |  3 May 2016

In their far-sighted article for Juncture on the coming decade and the future of the left, Gavin Kelly and Nick Pearce offer a comprehensive and compelling analysis of the underlying forces that will shape British politics for the remainder of this decade, and beyond. At the heart of their piece is the argument that any …

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Dying to work

Lee Barron  |  18 April 2016

Today, 18 April 2016, in the houses of parliament the energy giant E-On will be the first United Kingdom company to sign up to the Trades Union Congress’ Dying to Work charter, committing it, as an employer, to supporting workers diagnosed with terminal illness. The charter will be signed by the E-On human rights director …

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Why we must have an ‘In’ vote

John McGrane  |  17 March 2016

Over the last 40 years, the relationship between the UK and Ireland has gone from strength to strength. For me – as for many others of my generation – watching this process has been a welcome, though somewhat unexpected, privilege. The depth of the relationship between Britain and Ireland can be explained not only by …

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Osborne fails his own tests – again

Peter Kyle MP  |  16 March 2016

Today was George Osborne’s eighth budget and, like all that preceded it, the political rhetoric and sweeping statements failed to disguise a total absence of policies which would set Britain on the path for sustainable growth, harnessing our productivity and economic potential. The chancellor has seen his own estimates and targets downgraded yet again – …

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