British business at a crossroads – only one path to choose

John Denham  |  27 July 2011

Britain faces a huge economic challenge to be competitive and pay our way in the world,; and to build an economy which delivers fairly for the squeezed middle. Both depend on the successful spread of the ‘good company’ – profitable businesses and corporations which add value both to the economy and to society by being …

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Built to last: jobs, skills and growth in the next economy

John Denham  |  28 June 2011

Read John Denham's speech to tonight's Policy2020 event on building the new economy

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People and place

Tariq Sadiq  |  2 June 2011

We should stop talking about class and start talking about people. Neither Old, Blue nor New labels quite capture this, but Blue Labour has caught on to the importance of 'common institutions' that are valued by people across all class boundaries.

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Embracing diversity

Philippe Legrain  |  21 April 2011

The progressive left must build a positive narrative around diversity which meshes with social democratic values and is in tune with the reality of modern communities and identities, argues Philippe Legrain

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Budgeting for the northwest

Hazel Blears  |  22 March 2011

Reversing the planned VAT rise on fuel, and boosting new industries and creating 'Enterprise Zones', will be crucial for supporting regions like the northwest in tomorrow's budget.

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Getting on with the real job

Faiza Shaheen  |  20 December 2010

Never mind the immigration cap, the government should be tackling the root causes of the immigration problem. It should also look to the future and not assume the UK will not necessarily remain an attractive destination for migrants.

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Task force one

Heather Boushey  |  3 December 2010

Heather Boushey reports from the US on how the Obama administration is concentrating minds on America's 'squeezed middle'

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Age of anxiety

Liam Byrne MP  |  2 December 2010

The ‘squeezed middle' debate goes to the heart of what Labour is about: ensuring the fruits of working people's labours are shared more equitably

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Big society to good society

Richard Angell  |  26 November 2010

The power of moral and social pressure can be brought to bear to bring about better wages for the low paid. Companies can aim for an accredited 'gold standard' by narrowing the chasm between their highest and lowest paid employees.

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Let’s talk about process

Joanne Milligan  |  26 November 2010

Ahead of this weekend's National Policy Forum meeting in Gillingham, NPF member Joanne Milligan makes the case for getting the policymaking process right to make sure we get the policy itself right, making sure as many voices as possible are heard.

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