We need to support SMEs and the self-employed

Ibrahim Dogus  |  11 December 2015

It has been over 12 weeks since we chose our new leader, deputy leader, candidate for the London mayoral contest and our new shadow cabinet. Now is the time to reach out to those areas of British society that we need to engage with in a more organised fashion. The self-employed and those running small …

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Society’s problem-solvers

Ben Andradi  |  10 December 2015

The genius of capitalism is to create incentives to solve some of mankind’s most challenging problems, writes Ben Andradi We live in increasingly uncertain times and are facing what could be described as a perfect storm: the combination of pollution, overconsumption of finite natural resources, the accumulating risk of catastrophic climate change, unprecedented levels of financial …

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Good company

Liam Byrne MP  |  10 December 2015

Labour must join forces with reform-minded business, argues Liam Byrne In the battle against spiralling inequality, progressives are not alone. Across the business community there is fast forming a new consensus that our economy today is quite simply too unequal, too unstable, and too unsustainable. And things now need to change. The facts speak for …

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Labour can reach out for Europe

Emma Reynolds MP  |  2 December 2015

The Labour party has launched its campaign to stay in the European Union. In Birmingham, Alan Johnson, who is leading the campaign, rightly stated: There is no progressive case for leaving the EU. Our principled campaign, based on our values, starts now. Security, workers’ rights and prosperity will be three key elements of the Labour …

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Beyond ‘employment boot camps’

Ibrahim Dogus  |  17 November 2015

There was much debate after the Tory government once again mooted proposals to force young people to attend ‘employment boot camps’, focusing on unemployed youth who depend on benefits. What Labour needs to provide is a positive alternative for young people. It can do this by supporting small- and medium-sized enterprises and provide the means …

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An economy of purpose and resilience

Stephen Kinnock MP  |  6 November 2015

Until we win the war of ideas, the policies will fail Labour’s recent travails over the fiscal charter were a ‘Groundhog Day’ moment. Back in July we fell right into George Osborne’s traps around the welfare bill; fast-forward three months and there we were again, disappearing down another hole that had been dug by the chancellor, …

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How can we boost productivity to benefit working people?

Mathewe Bennett  |  20 October 2015

The last of the Progress debates, the productivity discussion was also one of the liveliest, and personally most enjoyable debates across the three days. In her opening statement, Nita Clarke introduced the topic as ‘the most important issue of our time’, a bold statement, but not without merit – low productivity is one of the …

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How the left can be pro-business

Mathewe Bennett  |  12 October 2015

Frustrated Labour moderates are always heard proclaiming the need to deliver a ‘pro-business’ message before the next election, in order to capture those middle-ground votes and 10 per cent swing. While probably true, it does raise an important issue – how can we balance the interests of private enterprise with progressive politics? It is a …

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A big Labour local government idea

Theo Blackwell  |  6 October 2015

George Osborne’s major announcement on business rates – pledging localisation of business rates by 2020 – is not an original Tory government idea. Neither is it a Labour opposition idea – we only promised to give back the proceeds of growth. It is a big Labour local government idea that Labour in Westminster should not …

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How does Labour rebuild relationships with business?

Tim Hames  |  24 September 2015

In its 115-year history, the Labour party has been at its most successful when it has constructively and proactively engaged with the business world. This phenomenon was perhaps most visible during the New Labour years, where the party appeared to fully appreciate the role that business could play in modern British society – generating strong …

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