‘Responsible capitalism’ must mean embracing mass empowerment

Adam Lent  |  21 December 2015

Darrell Hammond no longer makes playgrounds. For 15 years, his organisation, KaBoom!, addressed the lack of safe spaces for play in poor communities across the United States by building them. But a couple of years ago, Darrell decided to revolutionise his methods. He put all the tools and techniques needed to create a playground online …

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Time to shape a distinctively Labour economic policy project

David Coats  |  21 December 2015

The Progress editorial this month has correctly identified that the absence of a distinctive Labour project for the British economy has made it difficult for us to re-establish our credibility and take George Osborne successfully to task. All politicians claim to be concerned about the United Kingdom’s productivity problem and even the Tories would not …

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Partners for a new kind of growth

Stephen Kinnock MP  |  21 December 2015

Over the course of the last parliament the Labour party made several attempts to create a new narrative on the economy, and to stimulate a debate around the role of business within that narrative. Phrases such as ‘responsible capitalism’ and ‘pro-business, but not pro-business as usual’ were the watchwords. But they failed to gain traction, …

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The Uber question

Sanchia Alasia  |  15 December 2015

‘Sharing economy’ workers need safeguards too —The ‘sharing economy’, although not yet clearly established, describes a type of business built on the platform of sharing of resources – allowing customers to access goods and services without ownership. There can be negative consequences to this, however, and this is why calls have been growing for the …

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We need to support SMEs and the self-employed

Ibrahim Dogus  |  11 December 2015

It has been over 12 weeks since we chose our new leader, deputy leader, candidate for the London mayoral contest and our new shadow cabinet. Now is the time to reach out to those areas of British society that we need to engage with in a more organised fashion. The self-employed and those running small …

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Society’s problem-solvers

Ben Andradi  |  10 December 2015

The genius of capitalism is to create incentives to solve some of mankind’s most challenging problems, writes Ben Andradi We live in increasingly uncertain times and are facing what could be described as a perfect storm: the combination of pollution, overconsumption of finite natural resources, the accumulating risk of catastrophic climate change, unprecedented levels of financial …

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Good company

Liam Byrne MP  |  10 December 2015

Labour must join forces with reform-minded business, argues Liam Byrne In the battle against spiralling inequality, progressives are not alone. Across the business community there is fast forming a new consensus that our economy today is quite simply too unequal, too unstable, and too unsustainable. And things now need to change. The facts speak for …

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Labour can reach out for Europe

Emma Reynolds MP  |  2 December 2015

The Labour party has launched its campaign to stay in the European Union. In Birmingham, Alan Johnson, who is leading the campaign, rightly stated: There is no progressive case for leaving the EU. Our principled campaign, based on our values, starts now. Security, workers’ rights and prosperity will be three key elements of the Labour …

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Beyond ‘employment boot camps’

Ibrahim Dogus  |  17 November 2015

There was much debate after the Tory government once again mooted proposals to force young people to attend ‘employment boot camps’, focusing on unemployed youth who depend on benefits. What Labour needs to provide is a positive alternative for young people. It can do this by supporting small- and medium-sized enterprises and provide the means …

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An economy of purpose and resilience

Stephen Kinnock MP  |  6 November 2015

Until we win the war of ideas, the policies will fail Labour’s recent travails over the fiscal charter were a ‘Groundhog Day’ moment. Back in July we fell right into George Osborne’s traps around the welfare bill; fast-forward three months and there we were again, disappearing down another hole that had been dug by the chancellor, …

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