For fox sake

John McTernan  |  10 October 2014

Last night I received an email from the Labour party. It was about foxhunting. The issue of the day yesterday. My only regret was that the email hadn’t gone out earlier – it would surely have been an issue that would have boosted our vote in Heywood and Middleton massively. I honestly didn’t know what …

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The lesson from Eastleigh

Paul Richards  |  1 March 2013

It is important, in the cold light of day, not to get carried away with the result of the Eastleigh by-election. The outcome of by-elections is seldom repeated in general elections, especially shock surges for smaller parties. UKIP is not going to come second in the general election. There are, though, some straws in the …

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Moment of madness

The Progressive  |  27 February 2013

David Cameron’s modernisation of the Tory party has failed. Just look at the debate on same-sex marriage You can tell a great deal about a political party by the candidates it selects for a by-election. In 1987, for example, the Labour party proved its ‘red rose’ makeover was merely cosmetic by selecting Deirdre Wood for …

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‘Super Thursday’ postscript

Luke Akehurst  |  30 November 2012

Last night we had the postscript to the ‘super Thursday’ elections, with three further parliamentary by-elections in Croydon North, Middlesbrough and Rotherham. Any or all of these could have been problematic for Labour and could not be taken for granted. Middlesbrough has a history at local authority level of electing the independent ‘Robo-Cop’ Ray Mallon …

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Good by-elections

Matt Forde  |  29 November 2012

Matt Forde dressed up in a chicken suit for one. A lighter look at why we should savour by-elections It’s been by-election open season of late, which means plenty of drama. If the general election is like the Premier League, then by-elections are like league cup ties. They can be scrappy affairs, there’s always the …

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The quiet rise of Michael Dugher

The Insider  |  29 November 2012

Do you know Michael Dugher? If not, you will be hearing more from him soon. Doncaster-born and a proudly working-class Nottingham Forest fan, the Barnsley East MP has now added the role of Labour’s vice-chair for communications to his shadow cabinet responsibilities. Perhaps this is a simple case of matching a good talent to an …

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Time for reform

David Talbot  |  28 November 2012

It is somewhat ironic that the coverage of the Leveson report yet further affirms why the press must be reformed. The Sunday papers were awash with a visibly scared press prejudging the outcome of the report and warning of the end of free speech as we know it. From the Sun comparing the impending reforms, …

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The people have whispered (barely)

David Talbot  |  19 November 2012

Last Thursday some 37 million people had the right to vote in the first ever police and crime commissioner elections. Not that you would have known it in the weeks and days preceding the vote. With a derisory turnout barely nudging fifteen per cent, the people have spoken – but with barely a whisper. Congratulations, …

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Good news and bad

Claire Reynolds  |  16 November 2012

Tomorrow’s Labour Women’s Network conference could not be timelier; ahead of it I am pleased to be guest-editing ProgressOnline today. This week has seen good news and bad news for the position of women within the Labour party. On the plus side, the election of well-respected local candidate Lucy Powell in Manchester Central has confirmed …

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High noon in Corby

The Progressive  |  30 August 2012

The Tories are blundering and, so far, Labour has not put a foot wrong. Welcome to the Corby by-election When Louise Mensch decided that two and a bit years in parliament was quite long enough, pundits scratched their heads. None could recall another MP resigning a seat, midway through a parliament, creating a tricky by-election …

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