Volunteer Task Force

Jessica Asato  |  19 October 2009

Labour party puts Obama's campaign ideas into practice

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Poll position

Lewis Baston  |  1 October 2009

The Tories are doing better in marginal seats than the national polls suggest, warns Lewis Baston

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Filling the vacuum

James Purnell  |  1 October 2009

Voters are angry and alienated by politics, says James Purnell - radical changes are needed to revive democracy

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First insurgent

Jessica Asato and Ed Thornton  |  1 October 2009

To win back its voters, Labour needs open debate, strong ideas and maximum unity, Peter Mandelson tells Jessica Asato and Ed Thornton

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Fleshing it out

Editorial  |  1 October 2009

Labour has recovered its faith in public service reform but now needs to turn this into a programme for winning the next election

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Party reform

  |  1 October 2009

With participation in political parties at an all-time low, five leading Labour activists tell us how the party must change to reconnect with the public

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