Taking on the populist threat

Dan Jarvis MP and Tristram Hunt MP  |  31 March 2015

Tristram Hunt and Dan Jarvis share their thoughts on how to tackle the Green party and Ukip on the doorstep Photo: UK Labour

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The doorstep challenge

Mandy Telford  |  31 March 2015

Mandy Telford gives her tips for those new to the doorstep Yes, the public aren’t big fans of politicians right now – but do not mistake that for them hating the individuals that knock on their door. In fact, you always find people keen to talk and willing to discuss. With an election so close, and so many undecided voters …

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Preparing for power

Mark Ferguson  |  27 March 2015

The Labour party in government will urgently need to cultivate the seeds of movement politics it sowed in opposition, writes Mark Ferguson The Labour party is not a staid, safe and secure party ensconced in Westminster. It is not enshrined in a single man or woman. It is not hidden away behind bricks and mortar. …

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‘D’ is for disillusioned

Richard Angell  |  23 February 2015

Arriving in Kingswood on the outskirts of Bristol to be met by Labour’s candidate Jo McCarron, a clutch of local activists, croissants and hot coffee, was the sounding gun of a week-long tour. Our trusty battlebus, sadly not pink, toured 21 of Labour’s 106 target seats. Another team visited the south Wales marginals on Tuesday …

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Three seats challenge on tour

Stuart Macnaughtan  |  15 February 2015

Join us as the three seats challenge goes on tour during the February half term (Sunday 15 – Saturday 21 February 2015). Each day a new challenge in a new region, two challenges in one day in Wales. We will start canvassing in each at 10.30am, 12.45pm and 3pm. Everyone is welcome – it promises to be …

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Operation Flight landing card

Operation Flight Air Traffic Control  |  3 February 2015

Progress volunteers started 4,526 conversations for Labour  candidates in the nine seats coalition MPs are giving up on A message from your captain I was perhaps the only person that day making the journey from Barrow in Cumbria to Cradley Heath in the Black Country. Four trains and one car ride later I arrived to …

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‘This is how you do it’

Richard Angell  |  19 January 2015

Lab3seats founder Richard Angell talks exclusively to Tessa Jowell MP at the end of her first #TessaTriple As 2013 was coming to an end a group of friends and I were sitting discussing life and one mutual friend’s recent achievement. They had just completed the three peaks challenge, a slightly barmy activity where people climb the …

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Rights and responsibilities – Labour’s offer to the public

Joe Jervis  |  14 January 2015

Elections are won from the centre. Tony Blair knew this, as does the majority of the Labour movement. It is hardly controversial to say that a lurch back towards being a big spending, class-obsessed party will lead us to ruin. We owe it to the British public to be smarter and more radical. With this …

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The final announcement from your in-flight team

Richard Angell  |  10 January 2015

As everyone passes through customs at the end of Operation Flight I want to stop and thank everyone who made this possible. First, your cabin crew, the Progress staff and volunteers who have taken a lead in the nine seats Labour is targeting where the incumbent Conservative or Liberal Democrat member of parliament is standing …

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Operation Flight: Cardiff North

Stuart Macnaughtan  |  10 January 2015

Operation Flight: Cardiff North 11am and 2pm, Saturday 10 January 2015 13 Llangranog Road, Cardiff, CF14 5BL Mari Williams Parliamentary candidate for Cardiff North Operation Flight, as part of the Campaign for a Labour Majority, is a national campaign day in nine of the 106-target seats where the incumbent Conservative or Liberal Democrat member of parliament is stepping …

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