Death at the centre

Hopi Sen  |  9 July 2012

Labour should heed lessons from the interwar period on attempting reform in hard times, writes Hopi Sen Imagine a government faced with enormous public debt which proposes the building of council houses in vast numbers. A government that spends more on health and the unemployed, increases pensions and raises public sector pay. This government would surely be the …

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The way back to government?

Stephen Bush  |  7 February 2012

After a week in which hundreds of people have been slaughtered by their own government in Syria and almost three million people are still unemployed, what is the Labour party doing? Debating a parliamentary motion about whether or not a small group of people in London should be merely ridiculously, as opposed to outrageously, well …

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Miliband first, Bercow second, Cameron last

Jenny Simms  |  1 February 2012

Who won? Ed Miliband is clearly buoyed by the strength of yesterday’s EU performance, which make his win today as inevitable as a homemade lasagne Chez Balls. Cheered by the backbenches as he rose to his feet we undoubtedly saw the return of ‘Red Ed’ – he even likened tackling bankers’ bonuses to a ‘class …

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Responsibility wars

Steve Van Riel  |  1 February 2012

Battle is raging for control of the ‘responsibility agenda’ but the parties may be stymied by policy difficulties and their own recent histories, argues Steve Van Riel The first political fights of 2012 so far have all been about responsibility, with Labour and Conservative strategists trying to gain ‘ownership’ of the idea in the public’s …

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The end of the beginning?

Luke Akehurst  |  11 January 2012

Well that was a rubbish week, wasn’t it? We Labour activists seem to have had quite a few rubbish weeks since 2005. This one struck particularly close to home as two of the star players contributing to Labour’s woes were fellow members of the Hackney Labour party Diane Abbott and Lord Glasman, and the medium …

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Building responsible capitalism

Tom Levitt  |  3 January 2012

While Ed Miliband’s new year message does not specifically mention aspirations for the third sector, two priorities stand out: the call for Labour to ‘become a genuine community force’, and ‘an economy which works for all’. The first is obvious. The involvement of Labour activists in community and voluntary organisations and campaigns, fulfilling our historic …

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Falling prey

The Progressive  |  27 October 2011

Ed Miliband’s ‘producers and predators’ metaphor has been wilfully misinterpreted. But it must be shown to have real-world application Ed Miliband studied economics at Corpus Christi, Oxford, gained a Master’s degree in economics at the London School of Economics, and taught economics at Harvard, before becoming chair of the Council of Economic Advisers at the …

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Why we need regional banks

Maurice Glasman  |  25 March 2011

The bailout of 2008 revealed two very difficult truths for those of us who place private sector growth at the heart of our political economy, argues Maurice Glasman

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The new socialism

Neal Lawson and John Harris  |  3 December 2010

Twenty-nine per cent of the vote and it could have been worse if Cameron hadn't run such a rubbish campaign. 29 per cent! It's up there (or down there, if you like) with the Swedish Social Democrats on 30 per cent, the German SPD on 23 per cent and the Dutch PvdA on 20 per cent. This is not coincidence.

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