child poverty

We need to keep London open to all

Mike Katz  |  17 October 2014

Given its unique experience of devolution, it is perhaps surprising that only one speech in the Commons debate on devolution this week paid any attention to London, and this itself came from Labour’s shadow minister for London Sadiq Khan. True, many of those speaking sought to make unfavourable comparisons between the capital and other, more …

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Campaign for a Labour Majority: How can Labour win a mandate in 2015? Roundtable with Labour Friends of Sure Start

  |  11 February 2014

Campaign for a Labour Majority: How can Labour win a mandate in 2015? Roundtable with Labour Friends of Sure Start 2-3pm, 11 February 2014 Committee room 13, House of Commons Lucy Powell MP Shadow minister for childcare and children Michael Pavey Director, Labour Friends of Sure Start Jess Asato PPC for Norwich North Chair: Ruth Cadbury PPC for Brentford & …

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The forgotten middle class

Alan Milburn  |  5 November 2013

Alan Milburn outlines an agenda to tackle the plight of the middle class and expand its numbers It is in Britain’s DNA that everyone should have a fair chance in life. Yet too often demography is destiny. Over decades we have become a wealthier society but we have struggled to become a fairer one. The …

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Poverty: back to the future

Lee Gregory  |  3 July 2013

In recent months we have seen in the press that there is an increase in the number of food banks in the UK, loan sharks persist as a fundamental problem for tackling debt, and a whole range of welfare reforms are being implemented: from universal credit to the bedroom tax. It is a time of …

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A messy skirmish

Ben Garratt  |  19 June 2013

It has been commented that, in recent weeks, with Labour’s poll ratings stagnating or falling, and the Tories’ own ratings remaining stubbornly low, a mood of despondency has taken hold in the House of Commons. That certainly seemed the case today, with David Cameron offering up spiteful attacks against Ed Miliband and the party, and …

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Fighting inequality locally

Sarah Hayward  |  29 May 2013

In Labour-run Camden we know there is an alternative to the devastating cuts inflicted on public sector budgets and the seeping evil of welfare benefit changes. We know that local authorities are powerfully placed to broker agreements that result in homes and jobs. Our Equality Taskforce report, independently chaired and with expert members, has looked …

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Living wage is no joke

Rory Palmer  |  5 April 2013

For those of us who care about living standards Monday of this week, 1 April, was no joke. April Fools’ Day it may have been but for people on the receiving end of the government’s savage clobbering of the welfare system that day will have very real consequences. As if that were not enough, a …

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Under pressure

Victoria Winckler  |  1 March 2013

The Welsh government is facing unprecedented challenges. Both its new ideas and attachment to old principles will come under the microscope, argues Victoria Winckler WALES is facing very tough times – tougher than in most other parts of Britain. It has one of the lowest employment rates, highest levels of economic inactivity, among the lowest …

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A toxic fiscal legacy

Alison Garnham  |  13 November 2012

If to govern is to choose then the coalition government is going to be responsible for an awful lot of money being spent in years to come because of not choosing children today. The Purple Papers, published by Progress, are a welcome call for an approach that sees the wisdom in taking strategic decisions to …

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A rock and a hard place

Kate Bell  |  5 November 2012

London local authorities are stuck between a rock and a hard place, according to a new report published today by CPAG and Lasa examining the early and predicted impact of welfare reforms on London. The report, based on interviews with local authorities and advice agencies in the capital, finds that when it comes to their …

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