child poverty

Such thing as a free lunch

Catherine McDonald  |  15 April 2011

When Labour took office in Southwark last May we inherited from the Liberal Democrat administration the highest level of childhood obesity in the UK. Over a quarter of our 10-11 year olds were obese - children from across the borough, from all financial backgrounds.

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Welfare Policy Under New Labour

John Woodcock MP  |  11 February 2011

Armando Ianucci chose a fictional Department for Work and Pensions - DoSAC - as his setting for The Thick of It. This account of welfare policy in the early years of the New Labour government shows why.

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The coalition must make the case for aid

Harriet Harman MP  |  11 November 2010

The G20 are currently meeting in Seoul giving the international community a chance to put tackling global poverty firmly at the top of the agenda. With the Millennium Development Goals off track, a difficult global economic climate and many countries backtracking on their aid promises, that is more important than ever.

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Recession remedies

Kate Green MP  |  5 November 2009

A recession package for families is urgently needed to meet the government's child poverty targets

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No stone unturned

Huw Lewis AM  |  29 October 2009

Welsh Labour needs a rapid re-discovery of its radical heritage

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Compassionate conservatism?

Emily Thornberry  |  8 October 2009

What will happen to the poorest families if the Tories are elected next May?

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