child welfare

The curse of alcoholism

Liam Byrne MP  |  14 October 2016

We need more help for alcoholics – and their children —There is no way I would be in politics if it were not for the inspiration of my dad, Dermot, who I lost just before last year’s election. He even paid my subscription to join the Labour party when I was 15. He was an extraordinary bloke. The son of Irish immigrants, he …

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Operation Encompass

Vera Baird  |  20 June 2016

A much-praised scheme devised by a former police sergeant from Plymouth is safeguarding children and young people affected by domestic abuse, despite obstacles caused by the government’s academies agenda. Though it received early praise from Ofsted, ‘Operation Encompass’ currently has no support from the secretary of state for education, further evidence following her repeated refusal …

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The big warning in Unicef’s report on child wellbeing

Alison Garnham  |  14 April 2016

Unicef’s analysis of child wellbeing across the developed world, released today, is emphatic that increasing family incomes is a critical tool to boost children’s educational success, health and happiness. In saying this, it is issuing a pretty clear warning to the United Kingdom government that poverty-producing policies will deprive children of happy, healthy and secure …

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Campaign for a Labour Majority: How can Labour win a mandate in 2015? Roundtable with Labour Friends of Sure Start

  |  11 February 2014

Campaign for a Labour Majority: How can Labour win a mandate in 2015? Roundtable with Labour Friends of Sure Start 2-3pm, 11 February 2014 Committee room 13, House of Commons Lucy Powell MP Shadow minister for childcare and children Michael Pavey Director, Labour Friends of Sure Start Jess Asato PPC for Norwich North Chair: Ruth Cadbury PPC for Brentford & …

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Lost in reform

Kate Green MP  |  5 September 2011

This week a debate will take place in Westminster Hall to discuss how we can help disabled children to achieve their aspirations as they move into adulthood. Great strides have been made in supporting disabled children and their families in recent years, thanks in particular to the Aiming Higher for Disabled Children programme introduced by …

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Don’t let kids pay

Enver Solomon  |  15 August 2011

The Children’s Society recently worked with a father in Bradford who is set to lose out as welfare reforms relating to the universal credit kick-in. He is a full-time father of three after losing his wife to swine flu last winter. Two of his children are disabled – a four-year-old girl with Down’s Syndrome and …

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The Work Programme won’t work for Cameron’s ‘troubled’ families

Anthony McCaul  |  14 June 2011

Work at all cost may not be best for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged families. Work first could mean poor outcomes for children and high-cost interventions later. Labour must be the party that tackles deep-rooted disadvantage and offers families a hand up.

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Such thing as a free lunch

Catherine McDonald  |  15 April 2011

When Labour took office in Southwark last May we inherited from the Liberal Democrat administration the highest level of childhood obesity in the UK. Over a quarter of our 10-11 year olds were obese - children from across the borough, from all financial backgrounds.

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Epilepsy in the UK

Valerie Vaz MP  |  24 November 2010

With three people dying every day in the UK from epilepsy-related causes, there is so much more that can be done to help those with epilepsy, many of whom are young adults. Valerie Vaz explains the 10 minute rule bill she is introducing in the Commons today.

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Labour’s women must play a central role in fighting the coalition’s cuts

Kathryn Perera  |  11 October 2010

As the shadow cabinet announcements show, women are starting to build a strong presence at the top of the Labour party. After the alarming ‘disappearance' of women during the general election campaign, an important shift has occurred.

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