A new generational compact

Gavin Kelly and Nick Pearce  |  3 December 2010

Care for the young and old will be the next great chapter in the story of the welfare state. Labour should seize the chance to write it.

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Age of anxiety

Liam Byrne MP  |  2 December 2010

The ‘squeezed middle' debate goes to the heart of what Labour is about: ensuring the fruits of working people's labours are shared more equitably

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Opening divides

Nick Pearce  |  21 October 2010

Despite his claim that his spending review was fair to all, the chancellor's axe has opened some big divides. Between the rich and poor, between the old and the young, between the north and south, between protected areas of investment and unprotected areas. Politically, the hit to living standards could be crucial come 2015...

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Childcare vouchers

  |  11 November 2009

Former government ministers urge prime minister to rethink relief withdrawal on childcare vouchers

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Recession remedies

Kate Green MP  |  5 November 2009

A recession package for families is urgently needed to meet the government's child poverty targets

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A step too far?

Jessica Asato  |  3 November 2009

The government needs to rethink the phasing out of employer-supported childcare vouchers

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All equal?

Emma Reynolds MP  |  19 October 2009

If we are to live in a truly equal society, mothers and fathers should have the choice of equally sharing parental leave

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Fighting fourth

Stephen Twigg MP  |  1 October 2009

In fighting the Tories, Labour must be relentless in reminding the British people that it is the party of the many, not the few, says Stephen Twigg

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