Chuka Umunna

Responsibility wars

Steve Van Riel  |  1 February 2012

Battle is raging for control of the ‘responsibility agenda’ but the parties may be stymied by policy difficulties and their own recent histories, argues Steve Van Riel The first political fights of 2012 so far have all been about responsibility, with Labour and Conservative strategists trying to gain ‘ownership’ of the idea in the public’s …

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Strongman or stripling?

The Insider  |  28 October 2011

So, after a year, that was it. Ed Miliband’s big speech. Your humble insider thought he delivered it OK, actually, nervous pause for approval at precisely the wrong moment aside. That no one saw an obvious Blair-baiting clap-trap (or in this case boo-trap) indicates some rehearsal and revision issues inside Team Ed, a situation which …

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Growing pains

Robert Allen  |  18 October 2011

It wasn’t meant to be like this. Labour left office in May 2010 with growth of 1.1 per cent in the second quarter of 2010. Yet nearly 18 months and two growth reviews later, growth has stalled and the government is still searching for a convincing programme for growth. It is not credible to suggest …

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The fix is in

The Insider  |  25 September 2011

Ahh, the noble work of constitutional reform, ushering in a golden age of responsive, hard-working MPs representing balanced, fairly drawn constituencies. But all is not as it seems. Rather than a new dawn for democracy, redrawing constituency boundaries mostly means we will see various bribes proffered to 50-something backbenchers to elegantly make way for big …

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Sound and fury, signifying nothing

The Insider  |  4 July 2011

Oh, no. The Labour party is going through one of its periodic attempts to treat high politics as a form of psychotherapy. It's rather depressing to relate all this stuff, because it's a sign of the constitutional fragility of various leading figures in the labour movement.

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Rock steady

Chuka Umunna MP  |  24 May 2011

Bringing Northern Rock back into the mutual fold would be good for the bank and fly the flag for a better financial sector

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The Insider

  |  22 April 2011

One of the 2010 intake's brightest stars is causing a bit of a headache for the Labour high command. Chuka Umunna, a political high-flyer since his adoption as a parliamentary candidate, is making a bigger splash than most of the shadow cabinet, collecting glowing newspaper profiles and media appearances, and, just as inevitably, a collection of disgruntled colleagues.

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Upstairs, Downstairs

The Insider  |  28 February 2011

Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village... from the latest edition of Progress magazine

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PMQs today

Harriet Harman persists against Cameron on police numbers and short sentencing, while our reviewers pick out backbenchers like Jim McGovern, Chuka Umunna and Angela Smith for their contributions

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