A Tory party still divided on the European Union

Emma Reynolds MP  |  2 September 2016

In the immediate aftermath of the referendum, you could be forgiven for thinking that Conservative party divisions on Europe had disappeared. Theresa May took advantage of this brief truce and appointed a cabinet of prominent Leavers and Remainers. However, it seems that the cracks are starting to surface once again. With Eurosceptic Tories now occupying …

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Crisis over?

Richard Hayton  |  2 September 2016

Post-Brexit, new fissures may emerge in the Conservative party, writes Richard Hayton   Ten days after David Cameron’s resignation as prime minister, the then Conservative party deputy chair, Robert Halfon, declared that his party faced an ‘existential crisis’. Halfon’s comments were made in the midst of the tumult of the leadership election to find a replacement for Cameron. …

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The centre-left must own the future or become a thing of the past

Sam Stopp  |  2 September 2016

During his ill-starred attempt to become Labour leader in 2010, David Miliband fired several warning shots to Labour’s centre-left about the danger it was in. ‘Future’, he said somewhat whimsically, ‘is the most important word in politics. We must convince our fellow citizens that we are a party of the future.’ Few could have imagined …

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Asset-stripping Labour

Richard Angell  |  31 August 2016

Momentum is a party waiting to leave a party —The results of the National Executive Committee elections were disappointing. A clean sweep for the Momentum-backed slate will not be good for plurality, nor party democracy. But we should be proud of the six people Progress and Labour First supported. Ellie Reeves and Johanna Baxter doubled their votes and …

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The art of opposition

Jacqui Smith  |  26 August 2016

Theresa May is not invincible. Here’s how to oppose her Let’s do a little late summer day-dreaming. Imagine we were in a fit state as a party to build an effective opposition to Theresa May and her government. What would we be doing? Where should we focus our efforts? I know from 10 years of ministerial life what an effective opposition …

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Use it or lose it?

Bex Bailey  |  24 August 2016

The Institute for Fiscal Studies yesterday published a report showing that the 18 per cent gender pay gap steadily worsens once women have children. Alongside better quality part-time jobs, affordable childcare, a living wage and equal pay audits, greater uptake of shared parental leave from fathers would go a long way to closing the gap. …

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No trade unionist wants year after year of Tory rule

Paul Richards  |  11 August 2016

It is nauseating to watch people who have been in the Labour party for a matter of months, and who probably didn’t vote Labour last year, denouncing the GMB, Britain’s third biggest trade union, for backing Owen Smith. The manner of their denunciation follows the well-trodden Momentum-inspired path: there was a conspiracy to stop members …

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Letter From … Cardiff

Vaughan Gething AM  |  20 July 2016

It is a difficult time at present, with uncertainty about the country’s future following the European Union referendum, and uncertainty about our party’s leadership at a United Kingdom level. These are some of the lessons I have learned from governing in Wales where we still have a Labour government. First, leadership matters. In Wales, we have made good …

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Tory Leavers have repudiated their own economic policy

Stephen Beer  |  16 June 2016

George Osborne and Alistair Darling have stated that if the United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union, there will need to be an emergency budget. Not surprisingly, their claim has been criticised by the Leave campaign, but the central point is surely correct whether or not we are adherents to the austerity cult. The …

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Labour tales in modern Britain

Adam Harrison  |  15 June 2016

Adam Harrison with the latest from the wonk world This age of post-truth politics can sometimes feel a little fantastical. In thinking about the publication of Jon Cruddas’ independent review of Labour’s election defeat and Tristram Hunt’s new book on England, a host of myths and fairytales rose to retell themselves. The five years following …

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