A backwards step for Plymouth

Tudor Evans  |  2 June 2016

I am writing this article as the leader of the opposition on Plymouth city council, having had the leadership of the council removed due to a coalition of Ukip and the Conservatives. When you lose the leadership of the council it is a bit like bereavement; you get the anger, and the sadness, but you …

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Victory is appealing to everyone 

Alex Ross-Shaw  |  20 May 2016

In terms of expectation management there was a clear winner in the 2016 local elections: the Labour party. Faced with predictions of 150 losses in council seats, to come out with fewer than 20 encouraged many of us to breathe a sigh of relief that things could have been much worse. The media narrative the next day was …

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Politicians risk looking in the mirror of Erised

Alison McGovern MP  |  14 May 2016

What do the local elections mean for Labour? What are the consequences for Jeremy Corbyn or David Cameron? Can we predict the result in 2020? People always get elections the wrong way around. They think they are about political parties and politicians, and this is how they are discussed ad nauseam. But elections are not …

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‘A majority for common sense’

Ben Dilks  |  12 May 2016

Having presided over a string of seemingly effortless wins against the government in recent months, the assumption might be forgiven that shadow leader of the House of Lords Angela Smith currently has one of the easier jobs in Labour politics. She is keen to reassure me otherwise as we take a seat in her grand …

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No time for complacency

Nia Griffith MP  |  11 May 2016

Last Thursday voters in Wales gave Labour a clear mandate to form another government in Cardiff Bay. We always knew this would be a tough election, but our strong local campaigns and our inclusive message meant that we kept all but one of our seats to remain by far the largest party in the assembly. …

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Turning our fire on the Tories is not enough

Andrew Pakes  |  11 May 2016

Knocking on doors on polling day last week it was clear that Labour wasn’t heading for the disaster some predicted. In Milton Keynes, Labour held onto all of its seats targeted by the Conservatives. Given that last year we lost many of them that is no small victory. Success in 2016 was hard won against …

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Last week’s results were not good enough – full stop

Jacqui Smith  |  9 May 2016

Expectations management is an important part of the media-handling of elections. However, I refuse to have my expectations of Labour success managed by our leadership. Our election results were not good enough to put us on target for a Labour government in 2020, therefore they are not good enough full stop. And to those suggesting …

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‘Hanging on’ is not enough

Bob Blizzard  |  7 May 2016

How great a pointer to the next general election is provided by midterm council election results? Not much. Only about 30 per cent of voters take part and many are those who follow local matters and are prepared to vote on local issues and for hard-working local candidates. So local campaigning and election organisation can …

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Polling station

A dash of southern comfort?

Lewis Baston  |  6 May 2016

I come from Southampton. I was very surprised, and pleased, by Labour’s success in defending control of the city council in the 2016 elections. Many Southampton wards are marginal, and the city’s voters can sometimes get brutal with parties that displease them. It is a tribute to the strength of Labour loyalties and the hard …

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Telling stories and selling Tories

Jonathan Morris  |  28 April 2016

Stories are important. They’re what I do for my day job; when I’m not writing them, or script-editing them, I’m pulling them apart to see how they work. Stories are how people understand the world. They give people a sense of morality, the concept of romance, the idea that things always happen for a logical …

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