Loving our constitutional hotchpotch

David Taylor  |  19 June 2012

It seems there is no greater political crime at the moment than pledging one’s support for Europe. But alas, I’ve always been a Europhile so I see little point in hiding it now. I have always believed it is in Britain’s best interests not only to remain in the European Union but to embrace it …

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Scottish Labour has to find its mission

Danny Phillips  |  21 December 2011

I was asked to write some advice to Johann Lamont MSP and Anas Sarwar MP, our new leaders of the Scottish Labour party. To be honest it’s not been an easy article to write. In fact the more I thought about it the more I am convinced getting elected as leader and deputy was the …

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New girl in the Lords

Dianne Hayter  |  30 June 2010

Most new MPs settle into the Commons after weeks of concerted work to get selected, followed by months of hard foot-slogging to get elected. They must be exhausted, if exhilarated, as they emerge into the sunshine from Westminster tube station.

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A movement for change

Sonny Leong  |  15 June 2010

As the Labour leadership contenders talk of setting a movement for change in motion, Sonny Leong says we need to start by looking at root-and-branch constitutional reform to build the basis of a more equal Britain

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New Labour, new country

Roger Liddle  |  7 June 2010

As the hair shirts come out in the leadership contest, Roger Liddle says New Labour leaves a legacy of achievement on which the next generation must build

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Fixing parliament for the coalition

Philip Hunt  |  1 June 2010

The government already enjoys a majority in the House of Lords, so plans to boost its own numbers put the House's reputation for independent scrutiny at great risk

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A progressive coalition?

Brian Brivati  |  19 April 2010

If a Lib-Lab pact would bring on the progressive reform of our institutional structures faster, and more comprehensively than any other result, then bring it on.

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Building power, deepening democracy

George Gabriel  |  23 February 2010

It was written some weeks ago on LabourList that if the "constitutional reform bill" is to be a "democratic renewal bill" its process must come to reflect its ends.

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A business committee to transform democracy

Denis MacShane MP  |  18 February 2010

The proposal to set up a Commons business committee may sound of interest only to parliamentary anoraks but its effects could be profound

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PMQs on Progress

  |  3 February 2010

PMQs on Progress: Conor Ryan, Paul Richards and Hopi Sen give their views on today's session

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