Electoral reform

Pam Giddy  |  3 February 2010

Will it really happen this time?

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Electoral reform

Gordon Brown MP  |  2 February 2010

A new voting system for a new political age

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Dispersing power

Kenneth O Morgan  |  2 February 2010

Labour must take the lead in reforming the constitution and renewing democracy

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Power 2010

Guy Aitchison  |  25 January 2010

Motoring ahead - over 20,000 votes in under a week

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Alternative vote referendum

Michael Calderbank  |  19 January 2010

Is Labour about to look a gift horse in the mouth on electoral reform?

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Progress� autumn lecture series: Jack Straw

Rt Hon Jack Straw MP  |  9 December 2009

Labour values are rooted in the pursuit of greater opportunities for all in a way the Conservative party simply never will be

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Paving the way

Michael Calderbank  |  4 December 2009

The government has admitted that MPs lack legitmacy, the process of reform is now underway

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Sick of marshmallow politics

Cath Arakelian  |  3 December 2009

A referendum on voting reform needs to be held as soon as possible

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Thinktanks unite

Ed Thornton  |  1 December 2009

The latest from planet wonk

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Democratic deficit

Lord Morgan  |  24 November 2009

Lord Morgan: ‘We should have the popular will asserted in our constitution, in the choice of candidates, in primaries, in the power of recall’

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