council housing

A tide turning back

Karen Buck MP  |  7 December 2017

Squalor: Council housing is in retreat and the private rented sector out of control

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Engaging with reality

Adrian McMenamin  |  30 November 2017

Council tenants cannot ‘wait for Corbyn’ before their Labour council starts improving their housing stock, argues Haringey resident Adrian McMenamin If the Jeremy Corbyn revolution has a ground zero, then I live there. I am not in Islington North: that begins, quite literally, at the other end of the street, but in the southern end …

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After Grenfell

Christabel Cooper  |  21 June 2017

We owe it to the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire to ensure we live up to our obligations to those in social housing, argues Progress strategy board member Christabel Cooper Unlike many cities in the world, London does not banish its council estates to the outskirts of town. At the heart of the city …

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A London for the many

Danny Thorpe  |  17 August 2016

The housing crisis looms large in Greenwich, as it does the rest of London. Unsurprisingly, our most recent residents’ survey highlighted the provision of affordable, decent housing as a priority for many of our residents – people who are new to the borough and people who have lived here for years who wish that their …

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Beyond crisis

Steve Bullock  |  25 July 2016

Local Labour’s imagination and tenacity on housing must continue, writes Steve Bullock It is now a given that London has a ‘housing crisis’ – no one disputes this, and perhaps as a result too few people respond with enough urgency. In fact the situation is beyond crisis – London faces a full-blown housing emergency with 50,000 families in some sort …

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The March megashambles

Seema Malhotra MP  |  31 March 2016

We need prosperity that is fairly shared You might have thought George Osborne would have learned a lesson from his 2012 omnishambles budget. Not a bit of it. He surpassed himself with a megashambles. No budget has unravelled as quickly and as comprehensively as this one did. Within a couple of days its main revenue-raising …

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Strong and compassionate 

Judith Blake  |  21 March 2016

Leading for Leeds —The Labour administration in Leeds has had more than its fair share of challenges as we enter the seventh year of Tory austerity. Between 2010 and March 2016 Leeds city council will have had to deliver savings of £330m. That is despite 175,000 people in this city being classed as living in …

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High aspirations for housing

Sheila Gilmore  |  21 January 2016

Jeremy Corbyn was right to attack David Cameron on his barely thought through housing announcement. Cameron was right to say that many high rise estates need to be replaced, but we need to challenge the prime minister on his throwaway comment that these estates were built by the post war Labour government before this too …

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Cameron has much to learn on housing

Peter John  |  14 January 2016

This week David Cameron committed the government to the regeneration and improvement of 100 of the country’s most run-down council estates. From a commitment to demolish and rebuild some of the very worst estates to more modest environmental improvements on others, Cameron’s programme takes the government into an area which some Labour councils have been …

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Non-starters for 10

Thomas Neumark  |  8 October 2015

David Cameron’s speech to the Conservative party conference has been hailed as ‘good politics but bad policy’. The risk is that Labour’s response will be good policy but bad politics. In his speech Cameron promised to make it easier for people to buy their home. He said that he would do this by replacing the …

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