crime and justice

Arrested development

Rick Muir  |  2 December 2009

Reform to the way police are trained, paid, recruited and managed is essential

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Silencing justice

Jonathan Heawood  |  1 December 2009

The government must stop allowing England's libel courts to be used by the rich and powerful to stifle free speech

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A leap in the dark

Murray Rowlands  |  13 November 2009

The Tory myth of a 'broken society' insults the very people it claims to be speaking for

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Tripping over Nutt

Martin Powell  |  3 November 2009

The Nutt episode has revealed the limits of the Home Office's criminal justice approach to drugs policy  

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Drug policy

Danny Stamp  |  29 October 2009

Is it time to decriminalise drugs?

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Progress’ autumn lecture series

Liam Byrne MP  |  21 October 2009

'No Place Left Behind - How we use new growth to fight poverty?'

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In ASBOs we trust?

Frank Field MP  |  5 October 2009

Recovering Labour’s lost role in promoting a common public ideology is key to tackling anti-social behaviour

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Fighting fourth

Stephen Twigg MP  |  1 October 2009

In fighting the Tories, Labour must be relentless in reminding the British people that it is the party of the many, not the few, says Stephen Twigg

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