crime and justice

Time for Labour to step up on PCC campaigning

Alex Ross-Shaw  |  12 November 2015

Discussions of May 2016 as the first real test of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour party focus on local council elections but rarely mention another election taking place on the same day: that of the country’s police and crime commissioners. Andy Burnham’s quick acceptance upon assuming the role of shadow home secretary, that PCCs …

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IWD: Scrapping the HRA is another coalition attack on women

Ailar Hashemzadeh  |  8 March 2015

Today International Women’s Day, a day in which we celebrate inspirational women and reflect on the inequalities women still face at home and abroad. At home a vital protection for women, the Human Rights Act, is under threat. The Conservatives have claimed that they will scrap the act and potentially pull out of the European …

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Police weaker because of Tory spinelessness over Ukip

Steve Reed MP  |  27 October 2014

Tory panic over the United Kingdom Independence party is now so fevered they are ready to oppose anything associated with Europe, no matter how beneficial it is to the British people. That is why we are seeing rightwing Tory members of parliament demand that the government opt out of the European arrest warrant. If they …

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Crime: How to Solve It

Thom Brooks  |  28 July 2014

This book is self-described as ‘a whirlwind demolition’ of conventional thinking about the causes of crime and how it is best tackled. Many of its pages are dedicated to offering a corrective to widely held assumptions as Nick Ross shows how many are false or worse. Ross claims that it is not badness that makes …

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Reconditioning Britain

Kayte Lawton  |  8 July 2014

The central challenge for a prospective Labour government is how to pursue a radical social agenda within limited budgets. A major new IPPR report, The Condition of Britain: Strategies for social renewal, published last month, argues that the centre-left must not allow fiscal realism to constrain our ambitions for society. Rather, our new circumstances provide …

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Rehabilitation or retribution?

Maeve McCormack  |  3 July 2014

Noel ‘Razor’ Smith has a total of 58 criminal convictions and is thought to have committed over 200 armed robberies. He was first imprisoned at age 16 and spent almost all of the next 34 years in various prisons, never succeeding in ‘going straight’ on his brief sojourns when he wasn’t detained at Her Majesty’s …

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Policing through rights and respect, not kilos of water

Vera Baird  |  13 June 2014

Police forces across the country work hard, delivering community safety and working with residents to problem solve and cut crime Policing can only be based on partnership. ‘The police are the public and the public are the police’ is the most quoted of the Peelian principles, set out by the founder of the Metropolitan police. …

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Labour’s human rights dilemma

Andrew Noakes  |  5 June 2014

Sadiq Khan announced this week that Labour will seek to shift power back to British courts after a period of perceived deference to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. He also mounted a vigorous defence of the European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act as ‘core to what we believe …

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Smile for the Camera: The Double Life of Cyril Smith

Keir Starmer MP  |  14 May 2014

Scratch beneath the surface in any case of child abuse and you are likely to find an inequality of power between the perpetrator and the victim. That was the situation in many of the scandals that have rocked care homes, schools and churches. And, it seems, that was also the case with Cyril Smith. In …

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Government playing catch-up on justice and prisons

Jenny Chapman MP  |  26 February 2014

The justice secretary says he is outraged that terrorists and child sex abusers are released halfway through their sentences regardless of whether they have changed their attitudes or behaviour. We should all be outraged with him. It is outrageous too, that, until this government abolished it in 2012, there was a much tougher sentence available …

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