‘Another burden to bear’

Kevin Brennan MP  |  17 October 2017

An unreachable maximum sentence for causing death by dangerous driving does nothing to deter crime – and adds insult to injury for grieving families, argues Kevin Brennan MP Sophie Taylor was a 22 year old constituent of mine. She was a loving and caring young woman with her whole life ahead of her. During the …

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SFO funding needs reform

Stephen Timms MP  |  6 March 2017

The government must restore balance to the Serious Fraud Office’s funding if it is to continue to command public confidence, writes Stephen Timms MP The Serious Fraud Office began work in 1988.  It has a vital task, and is doing a good job. But the way it is funded needs reform. The SFO is unique …

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Making matters worse

Sally Keeble  |  3 November 2016

Hard-won gains to improve rape conviction rates are under threat Following Ched Evans’ acquittal on rape charges, Labour’s shadow law officers should have been speaking out fast and furious. As Vera Baird argued cogently in the Guardian last month, the case put progress back 30 years. The supreme court’s decision to allow the sexual history of …

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Real-term protection, not real-term cuts

Vera Baird  |  25 October 2016

Now that the latest crime figures, published last week, show both ‘a small but genuine increase in some categories of violent crime’ and an undoubted growth in crime reporting, it is ripe to call time on the Tory claim that the police can be cut because they have less to do. The Office for National …

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Crime works across borders; we must work together

David Taylor  |  23 February 2016

Whether or not the voters of North Wales elect me as police and crime commissioner on the 5 May, I will be campaigning for Britain to stay in the European Union in the referendum on the 23 June. In fact, if I am elected to head up the fight against crime in North Wales, my campaigning will …

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Theresa May is failing on public safety

Jack Dromey MP  |  6 November 2015

Policing has been steadily rising on the political agenda over recent months as the impact of the government’s drastic cuts to the policing budget is increasingly felt, and concern mounts about the consequences to public safety. This was epitomised in Labour’s opposition day debate on policing on Wednesday, when Labour MPs joined forces to share …

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‘White flashing constellations of the digital age’

Adam Harrison and Richard Angell  |  29 June 2015

Yvette Cooper claims the party must win back the businesswoman who said Labour ‘broke her heart’ David Cameron ‘has a woman problem,’ Yvette Cooper tells us, and she is determined to give him ‘an even bigger one’ by becoming the first female leader of the Labour party. Her ambition is to challenge him ‘personally’ to try …

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Our ‘tough on crime’ moment

Adam Swersky  |  22 May 2015

Before New Labour, before Bambi’, before majorities of 179 and 167, before the new dawn and Things Can Only Get Better, there was this: ‘I think it’s important that we are tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime, too’. That was Tony Blair, not as leader, but as shadow home secretary, speaking …

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Why Britain needs the European arrest warrant

Claude Moraes MEP  |  12 February 2015

The United Kingdom Independence party has in today’s Telegraph set out its manifesto, including the promise to ‘reverse the opt-in to the European arrest warrant, because Britain believes in “innocent until proven guilty”’.  This is an example of a completely outdated and damaging manifesto commitment based on a completely out-of-date set of myths about the …

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Probation reorganisation: wholesale, high-risk, evidence-free

Kate Green MP  |  13 January 2015

This afternoon I will introduce a debate in Westminster Hall to challenge ministers on their Transforming Rehabilitation programme. In June last year the government abolished the probation service we have had for over 100 years. Probation trusts around the country have been replaced by 21 privately owned community rehabilitation companies and a diminished National Probation …

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