The civic challenge

Ghaffar Hussain  |  14 January 2010

Banning organisations such as Islam4UK could be effective, but it is only the start

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Race and disadvantage today

Adam Harrison  |  14 January 2010

In an exclusive interview with Progress, Chuka Umunna, Labour PPC for Streatham, responds to the government's claim today that race is no longer an automatic indicator of disadvantage

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Islam4UK ban steals headlines

Tulip Siddiq  |  13 January 2010

The group is squeezing out Muslim mainstream from the media

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What’s in a drink?

Adam Harrison  |  13 January 2010

Alcohol labelling reform would confuse, not clarify, says Gillian Merron, public health minister

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Ben Bradshaw lecture to Progress

Ben Bradshaw MP  |  3 November 2009

In the fifth lecture in Progress' New Thinking for Britain's Next Decade series, Ben Bradshaw says the cultural and sporting renaissance enjoyed under Labour would be put at risk by a Conservative government

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An equal balance

Jean Rogers  |  30 October 2009

We must tackle female ageism in drama and the media

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Bigger picture

Ben Bradshaw MP  |  26 October 2009

The BBC is failing to see who its real friends – and enemies – are, says Ben Bradshaw

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Playing safe

Chris Arnold  |  26 October 2009

Government needs to give more opportunities to small creative industries, suggests Chris Arnold

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