Why employee engagement is the way ahead

Nita Clarke  |  16 December 2014

Staying competitive and profitable as the global race powers ahead with new entrants joining daily is the number one survival priority for British businesses and companies, just as providing better public services in the face of massive spending restraints is for public sector organisations. Of course, these are not new pressures, but no one should …

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Militant moderate

Richard Angell and Robert Philpot  |  4 February 2013

The trade unions should have less power in the Labour party, a combative Alan Johnson tells Robert Philpot and Richard Angell Trade unions are in danger of becoming ‘irrelevant’ and ‘cannot connect to a whole swath of the workforce that thinks they died out with the ark,’ Alan Johnson, one of the most senior figures …

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Then and now

Peter Wheeler  |  13 September 2010

The Trades Union Congress opening in Manchester today marks the start of a new political season - and it will be a very different set of political conditions we are all operating in. The terms of engagement from now on will be very different from those which any of us will be familiar with.

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Out of love with Labour

Sally Keeble  |  4 June 2010

In 2010 politics moves fast and the new Labour leader will have just one parliament to make a mark. First, they need to understand the end of the love affair with Middle England.

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