David Aaronovitch

Against the Grain

Paul Richards  |  22 October 2015

In 1892, George and Weedon Grossmith published a comic novel about an odd little fellow called Charles Pooter. Pooter was a clerk, struggling with the world around him, his family, and the pressures of fitting in to Victorian society. His comedic self-importance is thwarted at every turn by social misfortune and petty grievances. The book …

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In conversation with … Tristram Hunt

James Beckles  |  30 October 2014

Progress’ thought-provoking series of debates with Labour’s shadow frontbench team continues. This time it was the turn of Tristram Hunt MP, shadow secretary of state for education, to be given the third degree by Times columnist and commentator David Aaronovitch. The discussion started with a good-humoured quip at those who have called for Progress to …

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The legitimacy dilemma

Kirsty McNeill and Andrew Small  |  16 October 2013

Barack Obama’s hesitation, Vladimir Putin’s cunning and David Cameron’s parliamentary mismanagement combined to spare Labour from having to make a definitive choice about how the UK should respond to the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons.  Yet given the convulsions in the region and the current state of geopolitics, the dilemmas that Syria posed will …

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What’s Labour’s USP?

Rachael Saunders  |  24 May 2012

The closing session of Progress conference 2012 was a wide-ranging with a star line-up chaired by Simon Fanshawe: Jacqui Smith, Caroline Flint, Chuka Umunna and David Aaronovitch fielding questions from the audience. Jacqui Smith gave pragmatic advice to anyone trying to make the most of being in power locally, and everyone seeking to win back …

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‘An event within an event’

Victoria Groulef  |  14 May 2012

It is always a risk putting a plenary at the end of a jam-packed one-day conference. Despite the lure of high-profile panellists, Caroline Flint MP, Chuka Umunna MP, David Aaronovitch and Jacqui Smith, and witty chair Simon Fanshawe, there is always the temptation to call it a day and run for an earlier train. However, …

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Reflections on a Reunion

John Carr  |  31 October 2011

The Marquis of Granby is a pub not far from parliament. A couple of weeks ago in its upstairs room there assembled a motley crew. The common bond was student politics from the mid 1970s to early 1980s. From Charles Clarke to Dave Aaronovitch, with Sue Slipman and Trevor Phillips in between. It was a …

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The one pro-European Tory

Denis MacShane MP  |  27 October 2011

In a powerful Times comment today, David Aaronovitch (£), paints a delightful picture of Jacob Rees Mogg as the quintessential anti-EU Tory MP. The Mogg, as he is now affectionately known, has become a great Commons character in the space of a few months. For Aaronovitch his Shakespearean rhetoric as he rails like Glendower against …

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Progress News

  |  28 June 2011

All the latest from Progress and its members

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