David Cameron

Some progress, a lot to do

Mary Honeyball MEP  |  19 February 2016

David Cameron yesterday embarked on the most significant negotiation of his political career. European council president Donald Tusk reported to waiting journalists that there had been ‘some progress’ on the first day of the Brussels summit, but ‘a lot still remains to be done’. No 10 sources say Cameron and Tusk left talks at 5.30am …

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Right answer – to wrong question, at wrong time, for wrong reasons

Dianne Hayter  |  19 February 2016

I am biased on Europe: born, postwar, in a divided Germany. Educated in a Britain outside of the common market, seeing a terrifying wall built in Berlin. Helped set up the European Trades Union Congress as we joined in 1973, bringing non-communist trade union bodies across the European Union and European Free Trade Association together. …

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Cameron’s agenda is not ours

Owen Tudor  |  19 February 2016

David Cameron was not the only one to visit Brussels this week for last minute talks with Europe’s leaders ahead of the European Council meeting. Trades Union Congress general secretary Frances O’Grady was also in town on Wednesday, seeing European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, social affairs commissioner Marianne Thyssen and trade commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom. Our colleagues …

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The death knell for genuinely affordable housing

John Healey MP  |  29 January 2016

Whatever Westminster talking heads might say, the most important event for Labour last year was not Jeremy Corbyn winning the leadership election but Labour losing the general election. So now we must show voters that our priority is the challenges they face, rather than internal Labour party debates. There is no more important target than …

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Smell the coffee

Paul Richards  |  28 January 2016

Labour still needs a proper post-mortem In 1987, following an election when Labour won the campaign but lost the election, Philip Gould and his team presented an assessment of Labour’s defeat to a joint meeting of the shadow cabinet and the National Executive Committee. He recalled, ‘We were about to tell the party that 70 years of history had …

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Britain cannot afford to be complacent

Angela Eagle MP  |  22 January 2016

As David Cameron arrives at Davos this week for the World Economic Forum he should spend less time rubbing shoulders with celebrities at star-studded parties and give the martinis a miss to focus on another cocktail – what George Osborne has himself suddenly described as the ‘cocktail of threats’ facing Britain. Both Cameron and Osborne …

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Danish lessons

Lewis Baston  |  16 December 2015

While Oldham West and Royton was voting – so overwhelmingly Labour – on 3 December, another vote was taking place not far away which may also have important consequences for the future of British politics. This vote was a referendum in Denmark on closer European cooperation on justice and security. And the result was that …

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Cameron should draw a line under the renegotiation as soon as possible

Roger Liddle  |  15 December 2015

This Thursday David Cameron arrives in Brussels for one of the defining meetings of his premiership. The European council is set for a full discussion of his demands for a renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with the European Union. His reputation in history almost certainly depends on the outcome. Will he be remembered as the prime …

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‘I don’t think I can go through it again’

Lee Sherriff  |  9 December 2015

In January 2005 we woke up in Carlisle to a nightmare ahead of us. Our beautiful and historic city slowly filled with water, around 3,000 homes were flooded. The whole city lost power, we were plunged into darkness and collectively engulfed in shock. Driving down Warwick Road, a main arterial route into the city, we …

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Cameron’s council cuts hypocrisy

Lib Peck  |  19 November 2015

As the leader of a council that has seen its budget cut by 56 per cent since 2010, it was astonishing to see the prime minister criticising his own Conservative council in Oxfordshire for making cuts to services. David Cameron genuinely seems to believe his own propaganda that it is possible to deliver an unprecedented …

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