Keep asking till you get the ‘right answer’

Richard Angell  |  2 October 2015

We need to talk to about what happened with Trident this week at Labour party conference. Before we do, it is worth remembering the reccurring horror show that this debate has long been for Labour. The last time Labour was in the wilderness, its unilateral disarmament stance was cited regularly by voters as a reason …

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Britain in a perilous world – the strategic defence and security review we need

Stephen Beer  |  2 September 2015

The singular lack of a credible defence and security strategy did not feature in the general election campaign. Neither of the two coalition partners had much to say about defence and Labour was no better. The central reason was that all parties were focused on spending cuts. In the case of the Conservatives and Liberal …

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Kendall’s revolutionary vision

Tom Levitt  |  3 August 2015

Liz Kendall’s leadership candidacy has broadened Labour’s agenda while focusing on the absolute need to win elections, which we can only do on a programme that includes all significant sectors of the population. She shows admirable courage in tackling difficult issues and has caused me to reconsider my own knee-jerk responses to government policies in …

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Unstable world

John Woodcock MP  |  7 July 2015

Why we need an active defence policy —In an increasingly insecure and unstable world it is vital that we reflect on our defence policy as a matter of course. The challenges we face are varied and unpredictable. A few short years ago it seemed to some that threats from the traditional military might of old …

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Our ‘tough on crime’ moment

Adam Swersky  |  22 May 2015

Before New Labour, before Bambi’, before majorities of 179 and 167, before the new dawn and Things Can Only Get Better, there was this: ‘I think it’s important that we are tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime, too’. That was Tony Blair, not as leader, but as shadow home secretary, speaking …

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The Tories are on the ropes

Sally Gimson  |  11 March 2015

The Tories were interested in sex at prime minister’s questions today and Labour with character and decency. One Tory member of parliament suggested that if people voted Labour after the election we might end up in bed with Alex Salmond rather than Nigel Farage. Anna Soubry, the posh and sweary Tory MP lounged in the …

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A duty to protect our citizens

Rowan Ree  |  10 March 2015

The first duty of government is to protect its citizens. It is hard to believe our current government sees this as its priority when this week it emerged that cuts at the Ministry of Defence could lead to troop numbers falling to just 50,000. This is the lowest level of troops since the 1770s, when …

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Peace through strength

Jamie Milne  |  4 March 2015

Arriving at Taras Shevchenko Boulevard in December 2013 I was greeted by a wondrous sight. Kyiv’s remaining statue of Lenin that stood just a few days earlier – and which I had viewed before with a mixture of bafflement and revulsion – had been pulled down and smashed into fragments. What remained was the pedestal; …

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Retiring Trident

Toby Fenwick  |  15 February 2015

Luke Akehurst critiqued my CentreForum paper Retiring Trident: An Alternative Proposal for Nuclear Deterrence on these pages earlier this week. I am grateful to Progress for the opportunity to respond and clear up a few misconceptions. First, my proposal set out to answer the question ‘What is the cheapest way for the UK to provide a credible, …

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A red line for Labour

Luke Akehurst  |  15 February 2015

The run-in to a general election often sees thinktanks float ideas they hope might influence an incoming government, or, since 2010, influence possible coalition negotiations. Some of those ideas are good, some less good, some provocative in order to stimulate debate. This week saw an idea floated that was simply dangerous, not just because of …

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