Doorstep challenge

Ash McGregor  |  16 May 2013

Shadow home affairs minister Gloria de Piero kicked off the Progress annual conference breakout debate, Doorstep challenge: Can we win on crime and immigration?, focusing on antisocial behaviour. She said that the government was turning the clock back. In the most recent crime survey for England and Wales, eight out of 10 respondents thought levels …

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Time to say goodbye

Adam Harrison  |  8 April 2013

‘She was the best thing going for them’, was how one wonk world insider described the departure of Caroline Macfarland from ResPublica after three years last month. ResPublica’s wonky reputation was established by the original ‘red Tory’ Phillip Blond, one-time theology lecturer and formerly of Demos, where he ran its ‘progressive conservatism’ project. In 2010 …

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It was acceptable in the 80s

Adam Harrison  |  19 February 2013

Just as Progress was ushering in 2013 with its annual New Year New Labour party, ‘liberal, progressive’ Conservative organisation Bright Blue launched a booklet entitled Tory Modernisation 2.0: The Future of the Conservative Party. With contributions from figures ranging from cabinet ministers to Conservative Research Department alumni and thinktankers from Demos, Policy Exchange and Social …

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What’s in a name?

Adam Harrison  |  8 June 2012

David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s post-election ‘relaunch’ of their mostly civil partnership shifted from rose garden to Essex tractor factory last month in an attempt to show themselves less Romeo and Juliet, smitten with the scent of power, than men at work. But the relaunch signalled neither a new name nor a new way of …

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Paying our way

Adam Harrison  |  8 February 2012

Progress was pleased this month to kick off a round of musical thinktank chairs, welcoming former transport secretary and education minister Andrew Adonis as our new chair alongside new vice-chairs Jenny Chapman MP, Julie Elliott MP, Dan Jarvis MP, Alison McGovern MP, and Toby Perkins MP. Our former chair, shadow education secretary Stephen Twigg MP, …

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Outside in

Philip Collins  |  24 January 2012

One of the reasons for the diminished status of politics in a rich democracy is that some of its noble causes have disappeared, solved into oblivion by previous generations of reformers. Peter Hain evaded this problem by being born into a distinguished political family in South Africa in a time of the disgusting separation of …

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Marxism Today and Labour

John Carr  |  31 October 2011

The organisational focus for this group on the left was what in the end turned out to be the improbably named monthly magazine ‘Marxism Today’, an official organ of the Communist party. The brainy vanguard was led by the Editor Martin Jacques. It included people like Andrew Gamble, Tony Lane, Stuart Hall, Bea Campbell, Charlie …

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Open conference season

Adam Harrison  |  27 September 2011

At the start of October, the uber-posh diaries of Smythson of Bond Street – stationer to the Queen and former employer of Sam Cam – announce the beginning of the pheasant shooting season. Strangely, it is silent on the arrival of autumn party conference season and its associated bloodletting, perhaps because the days of fiery …

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Plus ça change

Adam Harrison  |  1 September 2011

This year’s summer silly season was a whole lot more serious than usual, rocked as it was by phone hacking revelations and riots on the streets. With actual news being reported for once, one may be forgiven for missing some of the recent ructions at the top of the thinktank world. The Fabian Society’s new …

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Who’s hue in tankworld

Jessica Asato  |  27 May 2011

It's been a year since Labour's defeat in the general election and it looks like the big beasts of progressive wonk world are settling into life in opposition. Nick Pearce at ippr is busy building an impressive empire of Labour's brightest and best.

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