Thinktank clash back on tour

Jessica Asato  |  7 March 2011

All the latest from the wonk world

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Home truths

Kitty Ussher  |  15 December 2010

The government is right to seek to contain the housing benefit bill but wrong to simply top-slice it. Instead, it should draw on housing policy tools, such as landlord registers and social letting agencies, to bring down the benefit bill in a way that supports tenants rather than displacing them.

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Defeating conspiracy theories

Carl Miller  |  2 September 2010

Public enquiries into ‘MI6 assassinations' are a welcome step towards openness, but will not defeat conspiracy theories by themselves. We have to change the milieu where such enquiries are received.

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Citizen action

Tom Brooks Pollock  |  21 July 2010

The success of groups like London Citizens comes at a time when people are shunning mainstream politics. How can community organising mesh with local politics?

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Education, education, education

Richard Darlington  |  17 June 2010

Andy Burnham's hustings foray into Ed Balls's territory of education may have surprised some, but his defence of the comprehensive ideal and practice comes at a time where education faces an onslaught from the coalition

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Equality in the UK

Graeme Cooke  |  18 February 2010

How Labour can achieve a ‘society of equals': a practical, radical approach to tackling unemployment

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